what has changed for the Livret A and LEP rates

Inflation is currently at a higher level than expected, according to figures released on Wednesday by INSEE. Bad news for portfolios, which should however positively influence future changes in the rates of regulated savings accounts, Livret A in the lead. Inflation stronger than expected, purchasing power down sharply: the panorama drawn this Wednesday by INSEE … Read more

What will change for your money in 2023: Livret A, PEL… discover the new increases

the essential The transition to the new year acts the revaluation of the housing savings plan (PEL) and the level of remuneration of the Livret A. La Dépêche takes stock. Already increased twice during 2021, savings accounts will see their remuneration increase again in 2023. Faced with inflation, François Villeroy de Galhau, the Governor of … Read more

Precautionary savings: should you invest in the livret A or in the euro life insurance fund?

(Photo credits: Adobe Stock – ) The Livret A booklet, which saw its rate double on August 1, 2022, recorded record collection this summer. Individuals flocked to this now more attractive investment with 2.6 billion euros invested in this medium in July. On the euro life insurance fund side, whose performance has been declining for … Read more

Livret A: we explain to you why his rate of remuneration could increase on May 1, 2022

A first increase had raised the rate of the booklet A to 1% on February 1, but because of galloping inflation (4.5% over one year), the remuneration of the preferred investment of the French could increase again. Will the booklet A again see its rate of pay increase? In any case, this is what our … Read more

Smic, family allowances, Livret A, unemployment, RSA, APL, pensions: the 2022 schedule of upgrades

If several services are reviewed on 1is January, others traditionally have to wait a few more months. Family allowances are thus revalued in April, unemployment in July, Agirc-Arrco pensions in November, etc. Read also Article reserved for our subscribers What changes on January 1 for the household budget Several revaluations have already entered into force … Read more

An increase in the livret A rate announced in January, according to Le Maire

“The rate of the livret A will increase in January,” Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said Monday on BMTV / RMC, without specifying by how much. His ministry told AFP that the rate increase will be proposed by the government in January and will take place on February 1. The governor of the Banque de … Read more

Smic, RSA, livret A … what increases can be expected in 2022 to compensate for inflation?

Inflation is increasing month after month, resulting in higher expected revaluations than in recent years. In its latest estimate, published this Tuesday, November 30, theInsee estimates the level of consumer price increases over twelve months at 2.8%. This return of inflation is mainly attributable to the increase in the prices of fuel, natural gas and … Read more