In principle and strictly: LKL imposed a four-digit fine on Neptune

January 19 A meeting of the Disciplinary Commission of the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL) took place in The request of the LKL Sports Director to start investigating the possible violation of the Klaipėda Neptūnas Club in the first instance due to 2021-2022 was examined under the LKL Regulations. 46.1.2 of the Betsafe-LKL Championship Regulations. and … Read more

The five moments of LKL were conquered by the powerful contribution of A. Sylla presents the top five of the most beautiful moments of the last week to the championship fans. In the set, you will meet two legionnaires of the Utena team – Jaylin Airington and Patrick Miller – who had a deck and a block, respectively. The duo of Vilnius “Rytas”, consisting of Margiris Normantas and … Read more

The 106-point “Morning” hurricane blew the Prienai team

“Rytas” scored 44 points in the first half of the match, and scored another 62 in the second half. It was the most productive match of the hosts this season. Vilnius residents hit 63 percent. colon (34/54) and 63 percent. three-point (10/16). There was a tie in the fight for the balls – 35 against … Read more

In Utena – J.Gagičius and the triumph of “Lietkabelis” will continue to demonstrate the MVP form

Before the start of the match in Utena, the title of the most useful player of Betsafe-LKL in December was awarded to the leader of Lietkabel, George Gagic. The Serbian legionnaire scored 20 points (72% on two), rebounded 6.3 points and scored 26.3 utility points in three matches played in December. The power of Panevėžys … Read more

Rytas victory off the field: Maurice Ndour stays in Vilnius

“Ever since the match with Burgos, preserving Maurice has been our main challenge. “The player himself showed a desire to stay in Vilnius, so we are glad that we managed to find a common solution and we hope that his big ambition to fight for the capital’s team on the field will be appreciated by … Read more

G.Žibėnas: “I am an Italianophile to the bone marrow”

The strategist, who delighted the fans gathered at the O’Learys sports bar in Vilnius Acropolis, came to the podcast after winning in Burgos and winning a ticket to the 16th stage of the Champions League. The best match of the season in Spain was played by Speedy Smith, who scored 18 points, made 6 assists … Read more

The coronavirus broke out in Neptune, the LKL match was postponed

After additional COVID-19 tests, 6 cases were identified in the Klaipėda Neptūnas team. Four players and two staff members tested positive for the test. The matches of the Lithuanian Basketball League (Betsafe-LKL) in Utena Uniclub Casino – Juventus – Klaipėda Neptūnas are postponed. A new match date will be announced shortly. Whether the Citadele KMT … Read more

V.Šeškus did not spare Prienai – Jonava’s CBet won convincingly

One victory of Virginijus Šeškaus’ students was previously recorded in the Betsafe-LKL championship, two – in the Citadele KMT. The Prienai team started the match a bit more positively (11: 6) and made the biggest contribution in the defense – CBet did not have much chance to collect points. Still, Lachlan Anderson compared the result … Read more

LKL coaches exchanged gifts: V.Šeškus joked, and J.Zdovcas spoke Lithuanian

They usually try to outwit each other on the basketball court, but outside of it they usually get along very well. This is also confirmed by the Christmas holidays, during which the coaches of Kaunas “Žalgiris”, Vilnius “Rytas”, Utena “Uniclub Casino-Juventus”, Panevėžys “Lietkabelis”, “Šiauliai-7bet” and Jonava “CBet” teams exchanged gifts and commented on them. Virginijus … Read more

D.Adomaitis: “Klaipeda is worth a team that will fight for the finals”

2015-2017 D. Adomaitis, who has already coached “Neptune”, returned to Klaipeda after gaining experience in the Lithuanian national team, Vilnius “Ryte” and Jerusalem “Hapoel” team, and now he will try to raise the team he left in the first LKL quarter and found more bottom. “It simply came to our notice then. First of all, … Read more