Migrants, the challenge of republican governors: two buses loaded with illegal refugees in front of Kamala Harris’ home

Martha’s Vineyard it is an island that has always been considered as a paradise on earth. In the American imagination that strip of land off the coast of Massachusetts is trafficked by American presidents and celebrities, while in popular culture it is famous because John Belushi is buried there and Steven Spielberg set the first … Read more

Viral, Truck Loaded with Sex Toys Overturned and Scattered on the Highway

loading… A semi-trailer truck full of sex toys overturns on a highway in Oklahoma City, USA. The cargo was scattered on the highway. Foto/via news.com.au OKLAHOMA – A semi-trailer truck full of lubricant (lubricant) and overturned dildo on an Oklahoma City highway, United States of America (USA) . Load sex toys it was scattered on … Read more

The Mastermind of Burning Tobacco Loaded Truck in Madura Wanted by Police, CCTV footage reveals everything?

Report from TribunMadura.com journalist, Kuswanto Ferdian TRIBUNJATIM.COM, PAMEKASAN – Galis Police collect CCTV footage to reveal the mastermind burning a truck loaded with tobacco Bojonegoro in the field of Bulay Village, Galis Sub-district, Pakistan, MaduraThursday (15/9/2022) around 04.00 WIB. The Head of the Galis Police, Iptu Jupriadi, said that CCTV footage from the shophouse belonging … Read more

During the match, the Spanish talent loaded into shorts

2022-08-29 16:44 © freeze frame Usman Garuba, the striker of the Spanish national team, has become famous throughout the world of sports. US basketball portals and social media accounts noticed an unusual occurrence during the World Cup qualifying match. In the middle of the match, the shorts of the 20-year-old 203 cm tall player were … Read more

Ukrainian “gift”: fired a missile at a Russian truck loaded with ammunition

Ukraine’s operational team “South” also shared a separate video of the destruction of the truck. “The video shows how the defenders of our country waited for the enemy to load all the ammunition on the truck before sending the gift – our missile,” the post said. Ukraine: Russia shelled cities near the Zaporizhia NPP at … Read more

Mainz – Leverkusen 0:3, It’s fine without Hložka. Leverkusen won for the first time in the season. King and co. they got loaded

The score in Mainz was opened in the 29th minute by home team Burkardt, who unluckily knocked Palacios’ shot from the edge of the box into his own net. 10 minutes later, Patrik Schick won the fight at the center line, Diaby got to the ball and set up the second goal for Frimpong. A … Read more

Truck loaded with tomatoes overturns on the A16 motorway, 59-year-old driver dead. Queues of 4 km

On the spot the firefighters and the police. The truck overturned on the roadway. The lane towards Naples is blocked. Violent road accident on the A 16 motorway, Naples – Canosa, in the territory of the municipality of Tufino, at Km. 17 towards Naples, where a lorry carrying boxes of tomatoes invaded the other carriageway … Read more

Drought unseen in 100 years: German ships loaded with explosives, sunk during World War II, surfaced in record-breaking Danube

They were part of Nazi Germany’s Black Sea Fleet and in 1944 retreated from the invading Soviet forces. Even after many years of war ships obstructs navigation on the Danube when its water level drops significantly. World War II German warships sunk in the Danube “As the Germans retreated from the Black Sea, the Nazi … Read more

Lille – PSG 1:7, the Parisian stars were loaded, the Lille team scored seven goals at home

The France international opened the scoring of the match after Messi’s pass as he lobbed home goalkeeper Jardim. An equally short time was enough for the opening goal of a match in the French league for the then Caen striker Michel Rio in 1992. The second goal was added in the 27th minute by the … Read more

A ship loaded with grain that Ukraine said was stolen arrives in Syria

Our readers are Instagram users You can now follow the latest news for free through our Instagram accountClick here to subscribe Beirut: A ship loaded with grain from Ukraine has arrived at a Syrian port, according to what the Kyiv embassy in Beirut announced Thursday, accusing Moscow of “looting” the shipment from areas now under … Read more