5 things you didn’t know a VA loan could do for you

Because of the bravery and sacrifices of active veterans and military personnel, the rest of the nation’s civilians can safely live the American dream. As a tangible way of saying “thank you for your service,” current and former members of the military have access to Veterans Affairs home loans. These unique mortgage options allow veterans … Read more

Loan request in the dual study program? (Credit, dual study)

Good morning, the tax office does not want to recognize my loss carryforward. Due to my dual studies, there are advertising costs and no special expenses. The income-related expenses clearly exceed the employee lump sum of EUR 1,000 (Section 9a EStG), my income during my studies is below the basic tax-free allowance and I did … Read more

The IVF denied a loan for audiovisual material to the cartel of Puig’s brother

VALENCIA. Among the financing channels that the so-called audiovisual cartel of the brother of the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, and his partners tried to resort to during the period in which they were investigated for agreeing on prices is the Valencian Institute of Finance (IVF) directed by Manuel Illueca. The intention was to … Read more

How to get the loan from the bank

Doctors enjoy a great deal of trust when it comes to a loan. But unstable times make even well-disposed advisors critical. These golden rules show that you have everything under control. Larger investments require preliminary work. Often it doesn’t work without credit. But how do you make sure when applying that the bank advisor does … Read more

Government Guaranteed Loan (PGE): 1 in 10 businesses may not be able to repay!

Bank Published on 01/15/2021 at 10:51 am Pixabay While the Covid-19 crisis has severely damaged the French economy, and the French state has provided considerable support to the economy, including businesses already weakened before the crisis, the president of the French Banking Federation is launching a warning. Between 5 and 10% of the 638,000 companies … Read more

The Bolaños de Calatrava library maintains its loan service

This system is based on the extraordinary service offered by the State Public Libraries of the Library Network called ‘Pide & Recoge’ and which consists of making loans and returns of material by appointment and at the entrance of the building since it is not possible to enter the site, the City Council has informed … Read more

Free of commission! Single-family house in the center of Haugsdorf! Loan financing possible., 90 m², € 122,000, -, (2054 Haugsdorf)

Live viewing by video via WhatsAPP or Viber is also possible!The property is located in the historic center of Haugsdorf, in the northern Weinviertel in Lower Austria, near the school town of Hollabrunn and the beautiful wine town of Retz and is easily accessible via the newly planned expressway. It would also be ideal for … Read more

Home loan: what solutions for first-time buyers?

(Photo credits: Pixabay – Gerd Altmann) The French adore stone and many individuals, from the start of their working life when they have managed to save a few pennies, embark on the acquisition of their main residence. If rates remain low, the real estate market is reaching new heights in the major French cities. Borrowing … Read more

Tafalla approves a loan of 265,000 euros for works

tafalla – The City Council of Tafalla gave the green light last Wednesday, during an extraordinary plenary session, to a credit modification to incorporate 265,000 euros into the accounts for this 2021, an amount that will go to carry out various works in the city. The entire municipal corporation approved a modification of this year’s … Read more