Ivory Coast / Emma Lohoues reveals why she will no longer be an actress

The Ivorian actress, Emma Lohoues, served as Godmother of edition 2 of the night of the African series held in Paris on Friday, September 24, 2021. Carrying out at the same time a media tour, Emma Lolo confided in her projects. Emma Lohoues now plans to go to the other side of the camera. Emma … Read more

Festival: Emma Lohoues, godmother of the Night of the African Series

On the evening of September 24 in Paris, a dozen African series will be presented until very late at night from Gabon, Cameroon, Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire. Emma Lohoues is the godmother for the second time this year: “The world of series in Africa has become more professional. There are many more actors and actresses … Read more

“From tonight, start walking around naked”; Emma Lohoues tackles a surfer

With Emma Lohoues, there is no question of mentioning the quote “vanity of vanities”. The diva has reframed a user who wanted to play the moralizing. Indeed, Emma Lohoues published a video in which she showed her entire range of classy shoes and bags. She was even spoiled for choice. While netizens commented congratulating the … Read more

Eudoxie Yao shod by “Grand P”, Emma Lohoues stalked by another Guinean

Emma Lohoues While the Guinean artist “Grand P” has set his sights on the Ivorian star Eudoxie Yao, the lovely Emma Lohoues is being hunted down by another artist, also of Guinean origin. “Grand P” and Eudoxie Yao It is as if Guinea launched the assault on Côte d’Ivoire. While the relationship between the Guinean … Read more

DJ Arafat: Emma Lohoues makes amends to her fans after the kiss with Siro

The kiss scene between DJ Arafat’s ex-girlfriend Emma Lohoues and Siro in the clip “coco” which has been around the web for a few days has aroused strong unflattering reactions. “Black Is King”: Beyoncé accused of racism by the white community for a detail As fans expressed their displeasure, Emma Lohoues a broke the silence … Read more

Dj Arafat: Between his exes, Carmen Sama and Emma Lohoues, it smacks of clash!

While they had displayed their complicity a few months ago, making the java in a controversial video, the ex-companions of Dj Arafat, Carmen Sama and Emma Lohoues, would no longer be on good terms. Finally, if we are to believe their recent publications on social networks. Dj Arafat: even after his death, he continues to … Read more