This is not how she imagined eyebrow lamination! When she looked in the mirror, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry

Has it ever happened to you that you made an appointment with a professional for a beauty procedure and then regretted it? This young woman was looking forward to beautiful and groomed eyebrows, but she was shocked by the result! If your eyebrows aren’t thick enough or you can’t get the shape you want, you … Read more

The first photo of the Lebanese presenter’s wife, the beautiful model, after she was injured… This is how she looked!

After she was admitted to the hospital as a result of her neck injury, Tunisian model Reem Al-Saidi, the wife of TV presenter Wissam Braidy, published a photo via the “Story” feature on her “Instagram” account, in which she appeared inside a car, while she was wearing a medical “collar” on her neck. It is … Read more

Domantas looked regal in the battle of the Lithuanians who recorded impressive numbers

Both Lithuanians played three quarters like twin brothers – scored 15 points each, had 9 balls under the baskets, but Domantas had even 10 assists, and Jonas – two. In a very hard-fought matchup, the Kings built a double-digit lead only at the end of the third quarter, when they took an 88-75 lead and … Read more

The unpublished PHOTO of Clara Chía Martí that shows how she looked as a student before MEETING Gerard Piqué

Clara Chia Marti has become one of the most sought-after celebrities since last year, because although it was not by her own decision, the Spanish woman has been in trend after becoming the new girlfriend of Gerard Piqué even before she announced her separation from Shakira. That is why most want to know a little … Read more

At the age of won’t believe how Robbie looked in her first cinematic appearance!

In the past few hours, the pioneers of social networking sites shared an old photo of the artist, Ruby, in her first cinematic appearance, when she was 16 years old, which caught the attention of her dazzling beauty. Robbie’s first cinematic appearance Ruby in her first cinematic appearance The details of the image go back … Read more

Take the high-speed rail to be occupied! Aunt “one sentence” he was stunned on the spot and looked at the whole frying pan: It really deserves it | The villagers burst into the news | Oops

2023-03-05 19:50 Comprehensive report by United News Network A PO article by a male netizen said that he bought a high-speed rail seat ticket, but found that the seat was occupied by an aunt. He did not expect the other party to say “… Many people choose to take the fast and convenient high-speed rail … Read more

This is what Patrycja Tuchlińska once looked like. Old photos of the beloved billionaire Józef Wojciechowski, owner of a hotel in Krynica 4.03

Patrycja Tuchlińska, the beloved billionaire Józef Wojciechowski, the owner of m. The Czarny Potok Hotel in Krynica-Zdrój willingly shares with Internet users fragments from his colorful life. The couple has been together since 2018. What did the young model look like then? See photos from a few years ago. Patrycja Tuchlińska has been loud in … Read more

a few weeks later, she was on the brink of going through it, “I looked like a zombie, don’t make the same mistake I did” (photo)

Meg was suffering from sore gums, and it turns out it was an abscess. But when the pain seemed to have eased, the 40-year-old canceled her medical appointment. It was in October that things got complicated. The Canadian woke up surrounded by paramedics with horrific pain in her face after her family found her unconscious … Read more

Index – Abroad – Katalin Novák and Joe Biden looked into each other’s eyes in Warsaw

President Katalin Novák also met with Joe Biden in Warsaw on Wednesday. The Hungarian head of state told the US president regarding the war in Ukraine that Hungary and the Hungarian people want peace as soon as possible. Index also reported that Katalin Novák traveled to Warsaw in the middle of the week, where she … Read more

She appeared without a bra.. A Lebanese artist surprised the audience with her bold images, and some likened her to Haifa. Watch how she looked

The artist, Merva Qamar, surprised the followers with bold photos, which she published on her Instagram account. Merva appeared without a bra, wearing only a fur coat. Followers commented, some of whom praised her appearance, while others criticized her for her excessive boldness, and some likened her to the artist Haifa Wehbe.