Tokyo Olympics︱Dai Ziying badminton women’s singles loses gold and wins the top 4 opponents Xianduhu embraced by Xianduhu and cheered up (13:54)-20210802-Sports-Real Time News

Dai Ziying played in the Olympics for the 3rd time and reached the finals for the first time this year. She is only one step away from the gold medal. She wrote an article after the game and said: “I can’t stand on the highest podium. There is always a little regret, but it is … Read more

Almost loses the night’s sleep of MDG

FRP leader Sylvi Listhaug is on a motorhome tour to gather voters. To Bergens Tidende, she says that she is afraid MDG will gain influence after the parliamentary elections. Sylvi Listhaug, FRP’s leader on a visit to Bergen. Here she tells Bergens Tidende that the party, believing in tradition, will promote immigration and integration in … Read more

Man loses hand after explosion of heavy fireworks: ‘Possibly laid down or thrown by someone’ Utrecht

A man lost his hand last weekend after an explosion of heavy fireworks. This happened at the Ursuline Court in Vianen. The police are looking for witnesses. The accident happened in the night of Friday 23 to Saturday 24 July. Police said a heavy firecracker was set off and the man suffered serious injuries. “The … Read more

A bug with the ability Pudge was found in Dota 2 – the hero loses 14% of damage from Rot | Dota 2

Reddit users have pointed out that Pudge’s Rot is not working properly. As players in Dota 2 found out, due to a bug, the frequency of damage from this skill alternately decreases and returns to normal. When a problem occurs, Pudge deals 14.2% less Rot damage. This is due to the reduced frequency of damage … Read more

International Space Station loses control due to failure of Russian module

ISS moves from position after Russian module error 0:40 (CNN Business) — An unusual and potentially dangerous situation occurred on Thursday on the International Space Station, when the newly docked Russian Nauka module inadvertently fired up its thrusters, causing a “tug of war” with the space station and briefly pushed it out of position, according … Read more

Alentejo is the fastest growing municipality and the one that loses the most population | odemira

“The population decline was already expected” that the 2021 Census has just confirmed in the Alentejo region, explained to PÚBLICO, Filipe Ribeiro, professor of Sociology at the University of Évora and a specialist in demography. The population of Alentejo “declined by 7%” over the last decade. .

BeIN Sports loses the rights to broadcast the French Ligue 1

Yesterday, a French court issued a ruling to stop the broadcasting of the French Football League matches on the network of “French” channels.beIN sport» Qatari sports during the new season. According to the French website “Les Echos”, the famous French channel “Canal Plus” justified its retreat from the contract with “BN Sport”, by violating the … Read more

With Michel Van Dosselaere, Flanders loses a character…

© vtm The Flemish actor world loses one of its character heads: Michel Van Dosselaere died on Monday at the age of 73 in Amsterdam, where he lived. The actor, known for the TV series Aspe, The divine monster in film Crazy from A., had suffered from a rare condition for seven years that gradually … Read more

Chinese player loses in mixed doubles in table tennis, CCTV scolds for snatching gold | East Olympics | Mixed doubles in table tennis |

[Epoch Times, July 28, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Cheng Jing) The Tokyo Olympic delegation of China did not perform as expected in many competitions on the 26th. There was no gold medal in the pocket, and the medal ranking once fell to third place.On the 26thTable Tennis Mixed DoublesBefore the end, the Chinese Communist … Read more

Egypt loses to Denmark in Olympic handball competitions

The Danish national team defeated its Egyptian counterpart 32/27 today, Monday, in the second round of the second group matches of the men’s handball competitions at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. The first half ended with the Pharaohs leading by a goal difference, with a score of 15/14. But the situation completely changed in the second … Read more