Free test at the hotel and accommodation insurance, the measures of AMResorts to avoid losing reservations from the US • Online Punta Cana Bavaro

Punta Cana, Dominican R..- The Regional Commercial Director of the North American AMResorts, Luis Nuñez, assured that the hotel company is preparing to comply with the new measures announced by the United States government to require a negative PCR test for all travelers entering its territory, including returning residents, which will take effect on January … Read more

Bilbao Basket will play its pass in Turkey after losing in Bamberg in the second half (90-75) | Saskibaloia

Mate of an outstanding Aminu in the game of the men in black. (FIBA BASKETBALL) ALBA BERLÍN 90 – RETABET BILBAO BASKET 75 Losing in Bamberg was possible, but it was a shame because the men in black have competed while their forces have lasted. The key has been mediated the third quarter and at … Read more

Apple TV + releases trailer for Losing Alice series

The next January 22 by Apple TV+ the new series called Losing Alice. It is a neo-noir psychological thriller written and directed by Sigal Avin (“The Ex List”, “The Champion”) and played by the Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer (“Angels & Demons”, “Man of Steel”) como Alice. Let’s see the official trailer: In this series it … Read more

Actress Danna García could be losing her memory as a result of the coronavirus

One of the first famous Latinas to suffer from coronavirus was Danna García. She was even infected with COVID-19 three times. According to People in Spanish, after her full recovery from this virus, the actress announced that this condition left her various consequences, including memory loss, which has her very concerned. In addition, he also … Read more

House fire in Achim: What a family has experienced and is planning after losing their home

At the beginning of March, a kitchen fire had spread throughout most of the house within minutes. Michael Höptner and his wife Natalia Kormiltseva can look back on a bad year, but they are very helpful. It’s been around ten months since that Haus the family Kormiltseva-Höptner almost complete burned down is. Of the Achimer’s … Read more

If they don’t say that Madrid is stealing from us, they think they’re losing

Barcelona, ​​11/12/2020. Presentation of Joan Laporta’s candidacy for the presidency of FC Barcelona. Photo: Inés Baucells. ARCHDC Tomás González-Martín on 02 ene, 2021 Laporta poses a poster in front of the Bernabéu because its reason for being is to criticize and attack Real Madrid, the fate of his life. The same happens with Font and … Read more

Donald Trump still resists losing the elections | The World | DW

The campaign of the outgoing president of the United States, Donald Trump, announced this Tuesday (12.29.2020) that he had taken the results of the presidential elections in Wisconsin to the Supreme Court, after having his allegations of fraud rejected by the highest court of that state. The lawsuit seeks that Justice invalidate more than 50,000 … Read more

For the Hernández family there was no new house after losing their home in New Israel to storms | News from El Salvador

Rosemary, her mother and three siblings were evicted from the INTI, a place that functioned as a shelter for victims. The family has not benefited from the homes that the Government provided in San Juan Opico. “They have all left. We are the only family that we have left, ”said Rosemary Hernández, 27, in a … Read more