Lots of Rp1,000 Palm Oil Coins, These are the 8 Most Expensive Metal Money in the World, There Are Umayyad Dinars Too

Illustration of the most expensive coins in the world. (Source: luxatic.com) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The Rp1,000 palm oil coin is back in the conversation because the price is very expensive in stores online. Apparently, the price of the coin is nothing compared to the following 8 coins. Some people sell IDR 1,000 palm oil coins … Read more

Lots of ‘Mercy’ Stocks ‘Avanza’ Price on the Exchange!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Famous investor Lo Kheng Hong who is famous for his strategy value investingThis report assesses many stocks at the wrong price on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). This price is wrong in terms of the price undervalue aka cheaper than the original value. However, he emphasized that investors need to be … Read more

Fire at BPOM Office, Central Jakarta Fire Department: Lots of Burnt Paper

Jakarta – Fire at the Central Jakarta BPOM Office successfully extinguished. The fire devoured a number of papers on the 1st floor of Building F in the BPOM office area. “The 6-storey office building, Building F. Only the 1st floor burned. Not all. Only the 1st floor,” said Central Jakarta Firefighters Officer, Achmad Saiful Kahfi, … Read more

Ironic, RI Needs Lots of Oxygen Cylinders, Aid from Neighboring Countries Even Holds Up at Customs

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, SOLO – Indonesia still needs a lot oxygen tube to save the lives of Covid-19 patients whose oxygen saturation in their bodies continues to decline. That is why, oxygen supply in the field is still scarce and difficult to obtain. Assistance from a number of countries also arrived. One of them from Singapore as … Read more

Ghost of Tsushima celebrates its first anniversary by collecting lots of curious statistics

55 million little foxes have been petted and they seem few to us. In August, Ghost of Tsushima Legends arrives with new DLC. The first anniversary of the launch of Ghost of Tsushima, one of the exclusive PlayStation games that has had the most impact in the last year due to its style and how … Read more

Bye Crypto Business, Creator of Dogecoin: Lots of Bad People : Okezone Economy

NEW YORK – One of the creators of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer left the currency business crypto-. Jackson Palmer revealed four reasons that made him decide to leave the cryptocurrency business forever. The first reason is that the cryptocurrency business is controlled by powerful cartels and wealthy individuals. He also criticized that they used their power … Read more

Lots of Booster Vaccines, WHO Gives Warning, Don’t Mix and Match One Vaccine and Another

Tribunnews Reporter, Fitri Wulandari TRIBUNNEWS.COM, BRUSSELS – Chief Scientist, World Health Organization (WHO) Dr. Soumya Swaminathan has warned citizens of the world not to combine different coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines. This was conveyed in response to a statement from a pharmaceutical company touting the possibility that an additional injection (booster) could be effective against the new … Read more

Weatherman Frank Duboccage: “Tomorrow will be a really wet day, but the weekend will be summer with lots of sun” | Instagram VTM NEWS

The week starts cloudy and mostly dry, but in the west there is a chance of a few drops. Gradually cumulus clouds are formed and the chance of showers increases. For the rest of the week, the weather will continue to falter with rain and thunderstorms every day. Only from Friday there is an improvement … Read more