Get to know the LUXURIOUS mansion where Prince William secretly meets his lover, Rose Hanbury | PHOTO

Written in ENTERTAINMENT he 20/3/2023 · 18:05 hs Regardless of what Kate Middleton thinks, the prince William looks with Rose Hanburyare loverin a luxurious mansionThis was reported by the British media, who also indicated that the divorce is nothing to become a reality. The eldest son of King Carlos III wants to see Rose Hanbury … Read more

Russian media: Palace built for Putin’s lover – now the area is protected

COUPLE: Alina Kabajeva and Vladimir Putin photographed in 2004 – after she had won Olympic gold in Athens. Photo: Itar Tass / Reuters A palace of 1,200 square meters has been built for Vladimir Putin’s supposed girlfriend Alina Kabajeva (39) on a beautiful island. The president has a residence right nearby. Now this has been … Read more

The lover of the mysteriously murdered fighter Morkevičius decided to give an exclusive interview: what happened that night in their house and what the investigators took during the search

“Why?” For what? I have not been briefed by anyone from law enforcement regarding the investigation into Remyga’s murder. So far I have not received any news. But sometimes I think that I don’t know anymore, if I really would like the truth to come out one day, who killed him and for what reasons,” … Read more

She put poison on her husband and practiced vice with her lover next to him.. The story of the traitorous bride in Kerdasa

08:30 p.m Saturday, March 18, 2023 Books – Saber Al-Mahlawi:Nourhan K. was not received. Paying attention to her stable life over the course of 85 days inside the marital nest, and she began searching for her old love in order to satisfy her sexual desires on the marital bed with a sinful relationship, until she … Read more

53-year-old 59-year-old lover of Jeff Bezos appeared at the party wearing a transparent dress with a neckline.

Bezos chose a classic suit with a bow tie for the event, while his lover wore a black dress with a huge neckline and a see-through skirt. Bezos and Sanchez’s relationship began in 2018. in April The couple had dates in Beverly Hills hotels that were exposed to the media. At the time, Bezos was … Read more

40 years younger than her… The famous artist kisses her lover in front of the photographers’ lenses (photos)

The famous pop singer Cher, 76, accompanied her boyfriend, musician Alexander Edward, 36, appeared on the white carpet ahead of the latest “Versace” fashion show that was held in California. The duo exchanged romantic kisses in front of the photographers’ lenses, as they seemed to be in complete harmony. Cher had spoken for the first … Read more

Special daughter joined: Khakamada had fun with a young lover on camera

Rodion Shvedov 2 days ago Irina Khakamada Irina Khakamada again shared new private shots with fans. This time, the fans shared the joy of the politician, who had fun with all her heart in the company of her closest people. Politician and public figure Irina Khakamada knows how to work hard and how to relax. … Read more

Desperate: Guillermo begs Kate Middleton to accept his lover | Critical Voices – Salta

After an image became known that could be Guillermo and his mistress, Rose Hanbury, now the heir to the crown made a crazy request to his present wife, Kate Middleton. Apparently the strong rumor escaped from the Royal Palace that the Prince Guillermo He asked Kate to accept her lover into her life, something that … Read more

A la Camila Parker: the dark plan carried out by Prince William’s lover to win him over | Critical Voices – Salta

The scandal over the alleged infidelity of the Prince William to Kate Middleton seems not over. Despite the fact that both have shown themselves to be most in love at public events, the investigations into her cheating with Rose Hanbury continue on and theories continue to come to light. According to what the British media … Read more