Tilsa Lozano did dedicate a song to him I am single who danced to Loco Vargas at her wedding, says Samuel Suárez | Jackson Mora | Instarandula | show business | SHOWS

MAKES CLEAR. samuel suarez was consulted by his ‘ratujas’ about the song that Tilsa Lozano danced at her wedding with Jackson Mora a few days ago, the anthem of his career ‘I am single‘. According to the entertainment journalist, the ‘tail’ did not dedicate that topic to Juan Manuel Vargas years ago, after ending a … Read more

Tilsa Lozano | Daniella Cilloniz outraged because neither Gisela Valcárcel nor Michelle Alexander went to the wedding: “They were in Pachacamac, what was it hard for them to spend a little while” | B Morning | show business | SHOWS

Daniella Cilloniz, one of the few guests of the Chollywood show business at the wedding of Tilsa Lozano and Jackson Moraappeared this Monday on the Panamericana Televisión program ‘D’ Mañana’ to talk about the intimate celebration that united the former Avenger and the fighter in marriage. MIRA: Flavia Laos defends herself after exposing a video … Read more

Tilsa Lozano | Kathy Sheen’s boyfriend is outraged by criticism of dancing at her wedding: “They have dogged worse and even taken Cristal” | show business | SHOWS

Kathy Sheen shared, this Friday, images of the wedding of Tilsa Lozano y Jackson MoraAmong which some stories stood out that showed the ex-vengeor dogging to the ground, while her now husband “spoiled” and gave up following in his footsteps. MIRA: Tilsa Lozano ‘perrea’ with everything at her wedding but Jackson Mora refuses to follow … Read more

Giuliana Rengifo talks about Arantxa Mori’s accusations: “My conscience is clear” | Magaly Medina | Tilsa Lozano | Gisela Valcárcel | show business | SHOWS

The seventh gala of ‘The big show‘ began with the participation of Giuliana Rengifo. Given this, Gisela Valcárcel did not miss the opportunity to ask about her recent scandal, after Arantxa Mori accused her of destroying her six-year romance in Magaly TV The Firm. MORE INFORMATION: Bad Bunny: a large number of fans wait outside … Read more

Robotín was upset with Tilsa Lozano VIDEO rebuked him for advising Robotina The Great Show: “A lot of tuna for so little can” entertainment | SHOWS

HOW STRONG. Robotin y Tilsa Lozano They lived a tense moment at the last gala of ‘El Gran Show’. The model dared to give Robotina advice by assuring her with a phrase that she deserves a better person than Alán Castillo, however, the street artist “squared” her LIVE. READ ALSO: Gisela Valcárcel reminds Robotina that … Read more

8 months after her accident, Verónica Lozano spoke about the legal situation with the ski resort

Veronica Lozano Eight months passed and the images are still chilling. While on vacation at a ski resort in Aspen, Colorado, Veronica Lozano She fell from the chairlift that was taking her seven meters high and hit the snow. After the stupor, with the passing of days, the good news began to arrive, the first … Read more

Lozano missed Colombia with a muscle problem

Hirving Lozano missed the match against Colombia not for technical reasons but for physical reasons TuttoNapoli.net © photo at www.imagephotoagency.it Hirving Lozano he missed the match against Colombia not for technical reasons but for physical reasons and for problems that could also affect his return. As they tell from Mexico, in fact, the offensive side … Read more

Celebrities who abandoned their career: Adela Noriega, Karyme Lozano and Valentino Lanús

Some of them preferred to spend time with their families. Photo: Cuartoscuro Although they arrived at pinnacle of success for their appearances on television, famous as Valentine WoolKaryme Lozano and Adela Noriega they abandoned their career to dedicate themselves to something else away from the spotlight. The actors conquered the public for their performances and … Read more

Verónica Lozano finished her rehabilitation after the fall of the chairlift

Seven months after serious accident he had Veronica Lozano falling from a chairlift in Aspenthe driver confirmed that “the worst is over” and The long process of rehabilitation was completed. His testimony was caught on camera Relentless (Channel Nine) in Lizy Tagliani’s birthday, which took place a few days ago. He was there too Susana … Read more

there is the news on Lozano

Il Napoli prepares for the Champions League match against the Rangers Glasgow which will be played on Wednesday evening. In the morning, the Azzurri trained in Castel Volturno to prepare for Wednesday’s match: Spalletti risks losing another striker. This is the training report. “Morning session for Napoli at the SSC Konami Training Center. The Azzurri … Read more