News in light language on August 16 / Article /

News in light language on August 16. News in light language on August 16Ģirts Auzāns00:00 / 05:09 Extensive public actions in Minsk Two large-scale public events took place in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, today. One was in support of President Alexander Lukashenko. About 30 thousand people took part in it. Local media reported that … Read more

The cadastral value of real estate in Latvia increases by 30 billion euros / Article /

According to the new cadastral valuation, the total cadastral value of land and buildings in Latvia has become 29.86 billion euros more valuable compared to the current one, according to the information provided by the State Land Service (SLS). According to the SLS, the state estimates that the entire land of Latvia is worth 17.51 … Read more

Tērbatas Street has been owned by pedestrians for the last days / Article /

Today is the last day when Tērbatas Street is dedicated to pedestrians. The month-long experiment, dedicating one of the streets of Riga to pedestrians and cyclists, comes to an end. Tomorrow the street is open for car traffic. It is not yet known whether this street will be closed to transport next summer. The collection … Read more

Daugavpils Theater will open the season with Ivars Lūša’s comedy “Love 32 m2” / Article /

On September 11, the Daugavpils Theater will host the first premiere of this season – a melodramatic comedy in Russian by director Ivars Lūšs “Love 32 m2”, Representatives of the theater informed. In the show “Love 32 m2”Combines three plays by the Russian playwright Oleg Jernev -“ Evening with a Lonely Beauty ”,“ Strange Guest … Read more

Time Lapse Photography / Article /

Although the playwright Anton Chekhov himself has said that a century ago he tried to write the play “Three Sisters” almost as an entertaining comedy with myths and dances, this time in the interpretation of director Vladslav Nastavšev it turns into a drama that shrinks above the audience’s head. , from which no one will … Read more

Exporters are very interested in support for employees; tourism industry is applying slower / Article /

Just a week ago, the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) started accepting applications for the state-subsidized wage program of exporting companies. Prior to that, entrepreneurs working in the tourism sector could apply for support. The agency promises to evaluate the applications within a month, but it can already be concluded that the exporting companies … Read more

The last northern swans are ringed in Skrunda this year / Article /

In order to study the northern swans more and to follow the progress of these birds, they ring every year. This week it ended in Skrunda fish ponds. Latvia is still the leader in northern swan ringing in Europe, and a total of 83 graceful beauties have been ringed this year. Dmitrijs Boiko, an ornithologist … Read more

Negotiations with the Ministry have taken place without result / Article /

The talks of the representatives of Latvian event industry technical support companies with the Ministry of Culture on solving problems in the industry took place on August 12 “without any results”, Normunds Eilands, the head of the Latvian event industry technical support companies association, told the media. Talks with the Ministry of Culture were organized … Read more

Climate change summer school hopes to raise future environmental activists / Article /

The 25 senior students spent this week at a summer school organized by the Latvian Fund for Nature to gain knowledge about climate change and encourage them to become environmental activists themselves. Seeing with what excitement they are discussing what is going on around them and what changes they are proposing themselves, it is clear … Read more

Encourages the collection of signatures on children’s dental health / Article /

Today, 6:32 p.m. Authors: Vidzeme television At present, almost 80% of 12-year-old children in Latvia have damaged teeth, and on average three teeth need to be repaired at this age, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Parents of children cite long queues and the unavailability of free dentistry in … Read more