Luciana Fuster suffered a spectacular fall during the game and Patricio Parodi ran to help her

The extreme competition between Luciana Fuster y Tepha Loza suffered an unexpected turn when the fighter ended up starring in a spectacular fall seconds after ringing the bell and winning the competition for her team. His couple Patrick Parody he did not hesitate to run quickly to help her. What exactly happened? The Peruvian influencer … Read more

Luciana Fuster was upset with Patricio Parodi for an unexpected reaction prior to the elimination round

The warrior team swept all the competitions of This is war in front of the combatants and this allowed him to win the option to save a competitor for each round to avoid going to the elimination zone. Patrick Parody named Luciana Fuster and she had an unexpected reaction. Renzo Schuller He assured that the … Read more

Luciana Fuster jumped with emotion for the victory of the “combatants” against Patricio Parodi

Raphael Cardozo the cube was played for 200 points in favor of the combatants and asked Gino Assereto to face Patrick Parody in extreme competition This is war. The “Shark” defeated the captain of the warriors and Luciana Fuster He did not hesitate to effusively celebrate his team’s point. The production asked both teams to … Read more

Patricio Parodi seeing Luciana Fuster on stage: “I was ashamed to death” | RMMN entertainment | PEOPLE

Luciana Fuster She spent an embarrassing moment during the concert “Los Reyes del Flow Fest”, an event she arrived accompanied by her partner, Patricio Parodi, and other figures from the show. The model had a tremendous time after the organizers of the event invited her to take the stage. Fuster did not imagine that a … Read more

Luciana Fuster Rodrigo González peluchin criticizes botox touch-ups: “What an obsession, she looks like Flavia” entertainment | SHOWS

Oops! In the midst of the controversy over not going to the birthday of Patricio Parodi’s sisters, Rodrigo Gonzalez talked about the new interview he offered Luciana Fuster and his radical change in his physical appearance in the face and hair. READ ALSO: Martín Vizcarra would have been unfaithful to his wife and Magaly is … Read more

Marcelo Polino made a strong revelation about Martín Redrado and the daughter of Luciana Salazar

close friend of Luciana Salazar and godfather of the little girl Matilda, Marcelo Polino disclosed the agreement Martin Redrado would have with his ex-partner, regarding the minor, after his tremendous media and legal crosses. “Luciana doesn’t care about Redrado’s love life. She is in another. But they say ‘she is a crazy woman who persecutes … Read more

Flavia Laos shines on the Majo and Mafer Parodi sisters’ birthday, Luciana Fuster goes to the movies with Patricio Parodi: Wasn’t she invited? Samu Suarez VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT | SHOWS

OUTFIT! In Instagram, Flavia Laos she was invited to Majo and Mafer Parodi’s birthday party. The actress shared photos at the event next to the sisters of her former Patricio Parodi, on more than one occasion, she has emphasized that she is very close to the twins. READ ALSO: Merly Morello: Who is the actress … Read more

Luciana Salazar made Matilda pose divine but they pointed out her resemblance to Redrado

Luciana Salazar he has no peace. Whatever you do, There will always be something or someone who reminds you of your life when you were a couple with Martín Redrado. And much more now, that they are engaged in legal proceedings with the economist who, in addition, has just announced that he is marrying his … Read more

Peluchin raja of Luciana for the greeting to her mother-in-law web eye farandula | EYE-SHOW

Updated on 05/09/2022 09:42 pm Have you already accepted it? Mother’s Day was no excuse for Rodrigo Gonzalez put aside your desire to crack and the victim was Luciana Fusterwho caused a stir on networks over the weekend because Patricio’s mother shared the greeting she gave him for Mother’s Day. MIRA: Austin Palao clarifies Flavia … Read more

The forceful criticism of Luciana Salazar for the scandals with Redrado: «Soltá…» | New Web Diary

For months, Luciana Salazar and Martín Redrado have had a strong media and legal fight. It all started when the former president of the Central Bank of Argentina cut off the credit cards of the former “ShowMatch: La Academia” participant. She was very hurt by what happened and decided to make it public. Given this, … Read more