NASA hopes to uncover stuck solar panel on Jovian probe Lucy

NASA specialists continued attempts to fully deploy the jammed solar panel of the Lucy probe (“Lucy”), which is heading to meet with asteroids in the orbit of Jupiter. Launched about a year ago, the probe failed to fully deploy one of the two round solar panels. Since then, NASA engineers are already in flight trying … Read more

Getting to Know Sister Lucy Agnes, Daughter of the Djarum Boss Family who refuses to live a luxurious life by becoming a nun : Okezone Lifestyle

BOS a leading cigarette company, Djarum, turns out to have a grandson who turns out to be a nun who is quite unique. He is Sister Lucy Agnes. Even though she came from a wealthy family, Sister Lucy Agnes was known as a simple person. This can be seen from his appearance in the typical … Read more

“Lucy”, the film by Luc Besson, will be adapted into a series

According to information from the American magazine Variety,the film Lucy of Luc Besson will be adapted in series. At this time, it’s unclear how many episodes are planned or when they would be filmed, if they’re written, and which broadcaster they’re for. It will be necessary to wait a few weeks before knowing more, but … Read more

The Lucy probe has taken some interesting new photos of the Earth and the Moon

Photo: NASA NASA’s Lucy spacecraft has taken his first photo of the Earth-Moon system one year after the start of your trip towards a group distant from asteroids. the probe has captured beautiful pictures, pero too somewhat overwhelming, while speeding past during his maneuver gravity assist. Lucy is currently on a six year journey backto … Read more

For NASA’s Lucy mission, watch this asteroid pass over France

You cannot view this content because you have refused the cookies associated with content from third parties. If you would like to view this content, you can change your choices. ASTRONOMY – NASA is counting on you! On the night of Saturday October 22 to Sunday October 23, be out because the Lucy mission needs … Read more

“Strange World” Releases New Trailer Gyllenhaal Lucy Liu Dubbing | Strange World_Sina Entertainment_Sina

“Strange World” Sina Entertainment News, Beijing time on October 19th, according to foreign media reports, Disney’s new animated film “The Strange World” released a new trailer, opening a grand and beautiful new fantasy world, come and take an adventure. Voiced by Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Lucy Liu, Yabuqi Young-White, etc., Don Hall (“Super Marines”, “The … Read more

NASA’s Lucy spacecraft flew over Earth on the first anniversary of its launch on a mission to explore Jupiter

NASA’s Lucy spacecraft It passed through Earth’s atmosphere this morning on the first anniversary of its launch. Beneath the International Space Station — just 220 miles above Earth’s surface — it passes satellites and debris and uses procedures to avoid potential collisions. Scientists must also take into account atmospheric resistance when designing flights. The satellite … Read more

[지금은 우주] Lucy probe to explore ‘Trojan Asteroid’ passes by Earth

[아이뉴스24 정종오 기자] The Lucy probe, launched in October last year, passes by the Earth. Approaching the Earth up to about 350 km, it uses Earth’s gravity to head to Jupiter’s Trojan Asteroid Belt. Two clusters of asteroid belts exist 60 degrees forward and backward of Jupiter, the largest planet on Earth. Trojan asteroid. Trojan … Read more

A new modification for Cyberpunk 2077 will allow you to play the game for Lucy from the anime series Edgerunners

Released in September, the anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners from Netflix is ​​not only provoked returning players to Cyberpunk 2077but also inspired the modders of CD Projekt RED action role-playing game to new creations. Image Source: Netflix This is a modification of Lucy’s Beginning Custom Start, which will make you feel like Lucy (full name Lucina … Read more

His head exploded! Lucy Ilarionov facing a heart attack, Annie Hoang…

Director Lyudmil Ilarionov-Lucy became another victim of fake profiles on social networks that speculate on his name and mislead his friends. Just days before her birthday, Lucy found out the power of fake profiles and how easily people can be fooled. He experienced it on his back, and his partner Annie Hoang decided to clarify. … Read more