Putin promises Lukashenko a close partnership – billion dollar loan for Minsk – nerdswire.de

Moscow (Reuters) – Russia and Belarus continue to seek close economic and military partnerships. Russian President Vladimir Putin promised close cooperation with the controversial Belarusian head of state Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting on Monday in Sochi, the RIA reported. This applies to defense as well as to trade and investment. Putin granted his counterpart … Read more

Lukashenko says the industry hasn’t stopped despite calls for a strike

Moscow, Aug 17 (EFE) .- The President of Belarus, Alexandr Lukashenko said on Monday that “in general” the country’s industry has not stopped despite calls for a general strike by the leaders of the protests that have shaken the country since nine days ago today. “In general, the factories are working,” said the president, quoted … Read more

Lukashenko recalls Belarusian ambassador to Latvia

Belarus Long-term President Alexander Lukashenko has removed Ambassador to Latvia Vasily Markovich from office, the news portal news.tut.by reports. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Markovich has been the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Latvia since October 2018. The ambassador was recalled for “unsatisfactory performance”. According to the portal, the diplomatic passport … Read more

Meeting on the Black Sea: Does Putin keep Lukashenko in the saddle?

The Coordination Council, with which the opposition wanted to organize a peaceful transition to new elections, has effectively been beheaded. Six of the seven members of the Presidium are in jail or have been forcibly cross-bordered with neighboring Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine. Dog marriage The fact that Lukashenko is still on his throne is partly … Read more

Former candidate for presidency of Belarus Kanopatskaya decided to create a party :: Politics :: RBC

Former presidential candidate Anna Kanopatskaya and lawyers prepared and sent to the Ministry of Justice documents for registration of the Future Right party. About this she wrote on your Facebook page. “In addition, in the near future we will announce the establishment of an organizing committee for the creation of the National Democratic Party in … Read more

VIDEO: Scratch film legend Chuck Norris threatens Alexander Lukashenko

“Hello everyone, here is Chuck Norris. I would like to say a few words to Sasha with the nicknames ‘Sasha zero percent’ and ‘Mr. Tarakan.’ and says, “Therefore, if you do not stop doing what you are doing, I will come to one of your residences and make you cry.” Related news PHOTO: Thousands of … Read more

“Lukashenko is a tough nut to crack.” In Belarus, they allegedly broadcast an alleged conversation between Berlin and Warsaw – ČT24 – Czech Television

The ONT presenter reported that Navalny was not poisoned and the whole event was just an operation to force Russia to stop “protecting the sovereignty and interests of Belarus in a situation of unprecedented external pressure on our country.” Lukashenko has long argued that the protests that have shaken the country since the August 9 … Read more

Belarus – Opponent Tikhanovskaya wants sanctions against Lukashenko

Refugee in Lithuania, the opponent Svetlana Tikhanovskaya denounced this Friday the “electoral violations” and “crimes against humanity” committed by senior Belarusian officials. Posted today at 18:58 Belarusian opponent Svetlana Tikhanovskaïa on Friday called on the international community to impose sanctions against the regime of Alexander Lukashenko. (Friday September 4, 2020) KEYSTONE Nils Melzer, the UN … Read more

The Coordinating Council of Belarus called on Lukashenka to “get off the warpath” :: Politics :: RBC

In this situation, the only correct decision, in the opinion of the council members, is a dialogue between the authorities and the opposition. Lukashenka needs to release political prisoners, not recruit new ones, the council is convinced Photo: Sergey Bobylev / TASS The Coordination Council of the Opposition of Belarus called on the current government … Read more

Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs: Lukashenko is no longer the president of Belarus

Linkevicius: If the EU wants to be a powerful global player in its eastern neighborhood, it urgently needs a new approach to this region, especially to Belarus Words of condemnation and regret, as well as other common and vague slogans, are no longer enough – writes the head of Lithuanian diplomacy She adds: The situation … Read more