Possible landing site of Artemis 3 captured in stunning view from Lunar Orbiter – My Gardening Blog

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter captured a stunning image of a potential landing site for Artemis 3. Artemis 3 is the future NASA mission to bring humans to the lunar surface. One of the possible landing sites that NASA has narrowed down is the Malapert Massif region. The region of the Malapert massif is near the … Read more

NASA updates spacesuits for the first time in 40 years! Astronauts’ work mobility on the lunar surface will not only increase but also have a sense of fashion? – Electric Otter Girl

Does black feel like it will blend with space? Are you interested in alien worlds? When you think of outer space, you probably think of astronauts wearing white Michelin-like clothing and walking slowly! But you know what? In fact, the spacesuit has not had a major update for 40 consecutive years, so everyone’s impression of … Read more

Scientists reveal goals for a future lunar research station

Par : Laura| Key words : China,research,MoonFrench.china.org.cn | Updated on 17-03-2023 Scientists have proposed several goals for a future international lunar research station, including observing Earth from the moon and utilizing lunar resources, China Science Daily said in its Friday edition. Zou Yongliao, head of the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Lunar and Deep Space Exploration … Read more

“Zero~Masque of Lunar Eclipse~” will be officially released today, and the photo contest will start today | T Kebang

Taiwan’s Koei Tecmo announced that the Japanese-style horror adventure game “Zero~Eclipse Mask~” (Nintendo Switch/ PlayStation 5/ PlayStation 4/ Xbox X/S /Xbox One/Steam version) will be released on March 9, 2023 (Thursday) )Official sale. This is a high-definition remaster of “Zero ~Eclipse Mask~” released in 2008 to match the current game platformVersion. In addition, there are … Read more

Get to know the Total Lunar Eclipse, the Process of Occurring to the Impacts Caused

Get to know the process of the occurrence of a lunar eclipse that causes tides to occur. (PIXABAY/Buddy_Nath) Bobo.id – In nature where we live there are many natural phenomena, one of which is the lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the sky which will also have an impact … Read more

Liquid nitrogen could keep lunar suits free of moon dust

No Barbie dolls were injured during this experiment. picture: I. Wells dkk., 2023 Annoying moon dust is a bothersome hindrance to astronauts landing on the moon – it sticks to almost everything. New research from Washington State University may have cracked the code for keeping spacesuits dust-free, because pressurized liquid nitrogen is used to literally … Read more

Lunar dust could stop global warming on our planet

Marina Fernandez Meteored Argentina 28 Feb 8 min Throwing moon dust could save us from global warming. Climate change is a fact, and even if zero emissions are achieved from one day to the next, the damage continues, the GHGs already released will continue for many years in the atmosphere, encouraging environmental chaos. Under this … Read more