NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbital Reconnaissance Mysterious Rocket Impact Site

Artist’s animation of a rocket hitting the moon. Astronomy scientists Discover a missile object heading towards moon collision late last year. Impact occurred on March 4, 2022, with[{”attribute=””>NASA’sLunarReconnaissanceOrbiter(LRO))laterspottingtheresultingcraterSurprisinglythecraterisactuallytwocratersaneasterncrater(18-meterdiameterabout195yards)superimposedonawesterncrater(16-meterdiameterabout175yards)[{”attribute=””>NASA’sLunarReconnaissanceOrbiter(LRO)laterspottingtheresultingcraterSurprisinglythecraterisactuallytwocratersaneasterncrater(18-meterdiameterabout195yards)superimposedonawesterncrater(16-meterdiameterabout175yards) This animated GIF confirms the location of the newly formed rocket body double crater. The before image is LRO’s view from Feb. 28, 2022 (M1400727806L). The after … Read more

When will the 2022 lunar eclipse occur, what time will it be? Check out the Timeline for the Total Lunar Eclipse in Indonesia

NORTH TIMES – All areas in Indonesia will experience lunar eclipse total on November 8th 2022 later. Timeline time and duration lunar eclipse total experienced per region in Indonesia will be shared here. The following review will discuss about when lunar eclipse occur and what’s the time The event reached its climax in various cities … Read more

Our complete guide to this weekend’s total lunar eclipse

Don’t miss one of the main astronomical events for 2022: the total lunar eclipse on Sunday night. The first eclipse season of 2022 reaches its climax next weekend, with an excellent total lunar eclipse occurring from Sunday night to Monday morning. All of South America and most of North America will see the eclipse in … Read more

Engineers design an electrical microgrid for a lunar base

For seventy years, based in Albuquerque Sandia National Laboratories has been developing electrical microgrids that increase community resilience and ensure energy security. Applications include the Demonstration of smart energy infrastructure for reliability and energy security (SPIDERS), designed to support overseas military bases and independent power systems for hospitals and regions where power grids are at … Read more

China has a new Human Lunar Space Program, with Plans for Landers, Orbiters, Rovers and a Moon Base

los China National Space Agency (CNSA) has come a long way since the turn of the century, with new launch vehicles, robotic missions to the Moon and Mars, and an orbiting modular space station (Tiangong). According to various sources, they plan to advance further in the coming years and decades. Given the secretive nature of … Read more

NASA’s lunar rocket test meets 90% of its goals

First modification: 22/06/2022 – 01:30Last modification: 22/06/2022 – 01:28 Washington (AFP) – NASA’s fourth attempt to complete a crucial test for the rocket it plans to send to the moon has achieved nearly 90% of its goals, officials said Tuesday, but no launch date has yet been set. “I would say we’re about 90% where … Read more

China Finds Silica Glass in Lunar Soil Samples

Month Sample No. 001 Which Was Brought Back By Chang’e Rides – Image from Global Times Beijing, – Chinese scientists find high pressure minerals in regolite samples moon, carried by satellites Chang’e-5 for the first time. Reported from Global Times on Tuesday (21/6/22), this discovery provided important evidence of an ejecta impact near the … Read more

Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse: Definition, Types, and Processes of Occurrence All – About four to seven times a year, the Earth, Moon, and Sun line up exactly to create a cosmic-scale shadow show known as an eclipse. The Moon’s orbit around the Earth is tilted relative to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. This tilt is the cause of the eclipse phenomenon occurs only occasionally, … Read more

China finds watermarks around storms on lunar surface

Chinese scientists have found signs of water in samples taken by the Chinese from lunar lava plains, bringing them closer to understanding their origins there – a question important for future lunar exploration. In a research paper published in Nature Communications this week, scientists say they analyzed solid lava remains retrieved by an unmanned Chinese … Read more

How Europe (and Switzerland) contribute to the Artemis lunar program

After three failed attempts, will the “wet dress rehearsal” of NASA’s giant SLS rocket help determine a launch date for the Artemis 1 mission? In Europe and Switzerland, the space agency (ESA) and around sixty industrialists have their eyes riveted on this dress rehearsal. They are the ones who developed the service module which propels … Read more