Brigade of Tadeusz Kościuszko in Ukraine. Belarusians suspect that it lures the volunteers into a trap

Tadeusz Kościuszko is not only a Polish, but also a Belarusian national hero. The commander became the patron of a new volunteer formation fighting against the Russians in Ukraine. Information on this topic appeared on Telegram, where the creators of the brigade call themselves “real warriors”, as opposed to the other four divisions. However, journalists … Read more

Russia lures in the Ukraine war with discounts

Russia is trying to offset the damage from Western sanctions through trade ties in Asia. The calculation could work: Since the beginning of the war, India has been importing much more Russian oil. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was visibly satisfied after his visit to India. “We are friends,” he said during a performance … Read more

“You’re a piece.” Perkaus stunned with her lures in a tight-fitting swimsuit–17197656.html “You’re a piece.” Perkaus stunned with her lures in a tight-fitting swimsuit “You’re a piece.” Perkaus stunned with her lures in a tight-fitting swimsuit Moderator Eva Perkausová is currently on holiday in exotic Mauritius. He does not forget to supply his fans with photos from the beach, which of course enjoys … 14.01.2022, Sputnik … Read more

Maxus Euniq 5 – Lures with six seats and larger battery at a budget price

Get access to the most important issues and a number of membership benefits: Try our pro membership for 1 kroner the first month. (Elbil24): Maxus was among the first Chinese car brands to come to Norway in large numbers, first with vans (where Norway Post is among the customers), later also in the passenger car … Read more

Caution! Mail order company lures with fake main prize – Austria-News

Brazen trap: For years, a busy mail order company has been luring consumers into the cost trap with false profit promises. Specifically, the supposed winners receive consignments with products that they have not ordered but are supposed to pay for anyway. Consumer advocates make it clear: If you get unordered goods into your home, you … Read more