Dakar 2022 | Macík made a pact with a billionaire. And did he really want to fight in Dakar?

Hopeful connection. Which of you wouldn’t want to work with a billionaire …? “Of all the teams, he chose us for the joint project, which is a great honor. Koolen is betting only on the best, “says pilot Martin Macík. The Project 2030 and Italtrans Racing teams already had Iveco trucks built in Sedlčany at … Read more

At the end of the Dakar Reconciliation? Macík took pity on the sunken Casal

The Dakar Rally ends today. But even in the penultimate 11th stage, there was a situation where Martin Macík and his truck helped pull the sunken Ignacio Casale’s Tatra. Despite the fact that both teams had a strong rift two days before. 0:58 In the end, the spirit of Dakar won. Macik stopped at Casale’s … Read more

Dakar Rally, 11th stage: Michko was given a bike by his opponent, Macík was pulling Casale’s sand

The penultimate stage was the start loop and the finish in Biša was to be the most difficult this year. It was 500 kilometers long, of which 345 were measured. “They will lead exclusively in sand and dunes. Large and small dunes will alternate regularly and in many places there will be very fine sand, … Read more

Dakar 2022: Macík finished fourth in Dakar. Michek received a mad wound, rescued by good guys from Ecuador

Dakar is one of them. Motorcyclist Martin Michek stood hopelessly at the 127th kilometer for four hours when he destroyed a rim at the front wheel after a hard jump. “I was pushing for a saw today. I wanted to go ahead, I had a nice ride. Ricky Brabec and I were dragging like dogs, … Read more

Dakar 2022: Excellent Michek finished ninth! Pabiška headed to the hospital after the fall, Macík in trouble

Michek in the longest stage of this year (465 measured kilometers) only confirmed the form from the last days. He drove tactically, accelerated in the end and managed the final 70 kilometers even faster than the victorious Spaniard Barred. He was eleventh in the finish, but after additional penalties his opponents moved forward two places. … Read more

After the 2nd stage, Macík keeps up with the fastest, Šoltys jumped forward

There is no shortage of surprises during the Dakar Rally. On Monday, due to rains and a flooded bivouac, the organizers modified the route of the 2nd stage, which was supposed to be marathon according to the original plan. Competitors could also use the help of their mechanics at the finish. Unexpected events, however, the … Read more

Macík and Šoltys have already picked up “Karel” and “Arnošt” trucks in Jeddah

Everything is going according to plan. Big Shock team design! Racing landed in Jeddah together with other Czech racers this afternoon, where the 44th Dakar Rally will start on January 1. The Sedlčany team is better prepared than ever for the most demanding motor racing. This time, two crews in unmissable yellow-black trucks will set … Read more

The Loprais and Macík pilots agreed: The upcoming Dakar will be harder than the last

Which Dakar do you remember the most? Cat: Every Dakar is different. Of course, he remembers those in which we were fourth and the stages we won. Loprais: I on the first behind the wheel in 2007, we finished third overall and won the stage. It was also the last African Dakar. We won the … Read more

Imprisoned but determined. Macík is planning a Dakar offensive and hides a big surprise

Quite unfortunate, staying trapped in your own cabin. However, the complication with the lock remained a merry incident. Pilot Martin Macík had to make a major decision after the preparatory rally in Morocco. He will go to the next Dakar again with a proven truck Karel. He is preparing a new Arnošt for the second … Read more

Arnošt imprisoned Macík in a car, otherwise the Czech pilot is winning with him in Morocco

An unexpected surprise. The leading driver of the rally in Morocco, Martin Macík, trapped in a car Big Shock Racing The new Dakar truck is not built for slow starts and Martin Macík is definitely not saving Arnošt in Morocco. The Iveco Powerstar special, developed by team boss Martin Macík Sr. with the MM Technology … Read more