Next publication of the novel by Diary Sow: “Je pars”

Diary Sow re-enacts the film of his disappearance in France, through his new novel entitled: “Je Pars”. The new work of the student in preparation is expected on November 4, 2021. According to its publisher Robert Laffont, the book is inspired by his unexplained disappearance in Paris, last January. It features a heroine by the … Read more

Khaby Lame tells the secret of his success.

He lived for 20 years in the HLM of Chivasso. He was a mason, waiter, window cleaner. He worked on Amazon. His father sold statuettes in the markets. Eliminated from the television series Zero, he now has an agent and walks the red carpet of Venice 78. It is the magical moment of Khaby Lame, … Read more

Singer Adam Sène pays tribute to Alioune Badara Cissé

Singer Adam Sène is devastated by the death of the Mediator of the Republic, Alioune Badar Cissé. On her Facebook page, she paid a moving tribute to ABC. “Since last night, when you heard of your death, I avoided connecting to the networks so as not to see your photo scroll ????. When I decided … Read more

“it could simply be the subject of a notification” (Pape Samba Dièye)

The summons before the investigators of the leader of “Gueum Sa Bopp”, Bougane Guèye Dany, was deemed inappropriate by Pape Samba Dièye, political leader in the commune of Mermoz Sacré-Coeur. The latter, who believes that Bougane was summoned for having highlighted his image during this pre-election campaign period, deduces that he is wrong to act … Read more

6 things to know about the Senegalese influencer from TikTok

Khaby Lame is a Senegalese Tik Toker based in Italy. He has become famous for his short comedy sketches, where he sarcastically points out people who complicate simple tasks for no reason. Khaby Lame was born on March 9, 2000. He lives in Italy, is 21 years old and is of Senegalese origin. His videos … Read more

Maria Zakharova is outraged by the reactions of the Western media to Russian participation in the Olympics

Western media are overreacting to Russia’s presence at the 2020 Olympics, according to the Russian diplomacy spokeswoman. This media “madness” sometimes affects athletes, who allow themselves to reason outside their professional skills to then backpedal. Source :… .

Constable Sakhir Diallo in detention for calling his superiors corrupt

ARTP SUPPORTS THE POPENGUINE PILGRIMAGE TO ENSURE A GOOD QUALITY OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICE The ARTP makes available to the public: 1. A Toll Free Number: the 800 200 200 This toll-free number is intended for users of mobile telephony and Internet services present in Popenguine during the Pilgrimage 2013, to enable them to enter the … Read more

Jazz pregnant with her third child? Rumor confirmed on Snapchat

It is in the Maldives that Jazz and his family have put down their suitcases for a heavenly stay. While she continues to post many photos of her vacation on Instagram, the young woman is the subject of a rumor about a supposed pregnancy. Indeed, she would be pregnant with her third child. A noise … Read more

Mariama case: The denial of Evenprod

Following the information according to which Aïcha Thiam would have left the series “Infidèles”, after having refused to play indecent scenes, Evenprod contacted BuzzSenegal to give his version of the facts. According to Ibou Guèye, the character played by Mariama must have died of AIDS in the series. “The character evolution didn’t even allow for … Read more

her adorable snapshot with her son that melts Instagram

Naoil was revealed during the broadcast of “Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes” in 2020. An edition that she also won against Inès. Since her victory, she has not failed to share her daily life on social networks. Sunday July 25, she posted a photo of her with her baby Aylan on the occasion of her … Read more