Investment Outlook: Cryptocurrencies or Gold? What to invest in?

In cooperation with the investment company EMUN Partners, we bring you the broadcast of the conference Investment Prospects, the main topic of which is cryptocurrencies and investment gold. Leoš Jirman, EMUN Family office, Oldřich Dědek, the CNB, L’uboš Mokráš, PPF banka or Igor Mesenský, KPMG Czech Republic will present themselves as speakers. .

The economy will grow faster, the Ministry of Finance estimates. The budget will be injected in billions

“In the forecast, we are working with the scenario that the vaccination procedure of the population and the high number of people who have already undergone COVID-19 should avoid the need to adopt other macroeconomically significant anti-epidemic restrictions,” the ministry said. Growth is to be driven by corporate investment and household consumption. In the previous … Read more