Magaly Medina: The story of why Claudia Cisneros scratched the magpie’s truck

Magaly Medina in recent days it has been in the eye of the storm, due to the fact that it was announced that the peruvian actor lucho caceres He won the lawsuit that he filed for libel and defamation, so the ATV host did not hesitate to talk about the case during his television program … Read more

Magaly Medina gave an emotional message LIVE and addresses her haters: “I am not condemned”: “I am not condemned” Lucho Cáceres farándula | SHOWS

STRONG. Magaly Medina began his program last Monday, December 5, ruling on the trial with the national actor lucho caceres, to whom he will have to pay 70,000 soles for civil reparation. The ‘magpie’ had emotional words for her viewers and she sent them a message of optimism. READ ALSO: Magaly will sue Richard Swing … Read more

Tilsa Lozano explodes against Magaly Medina’s attacks | EYE-SHOW

Without mincing words. Tilsa Lozano He did not keep anything silent and referred to the innumerable criticism that he has been receiving for his recent marriage to Jackson Mora. And it is that we remember that one of the main detractors of him has been Magaly Medinawho called the union of the model with a … Read more

Magaly Medina publishes a photo session with Alfredo Zambrano and users defend Jonathan Maicelo: “He did not disrespect you, more humility” VIDEO farándula | SHOWS

Magaly Medina y Jonathan Maicelo They staged a heated discussion, due to the report issued by the entertainment journalist, where she accuses the athlete of inciting violence with the improvised fights that he carries out in different nightclubs in the capital. MIRA: Karla Tarazona: knows the truck she bought, valued at more than 100 thousand … Read more

Yahaira Plasencia confirms romance with singer Jair Mendoza

Yahaira Plasencia has decided to give himself a new chance in love after the abrupt end of his media relationship with the footballer Jefferson Farfan. ‘La Patrona’ confirmed that she is having an affair with the national singer Jair Mendozaknown for participating in the program The Voice Peruin 2015. “It is important that they know … Read more

Magaly Medina minimizes Brunella Horna’s lawsuit for calling her ‘Brutela’: “Don’t get involved in big things, stay at home” Richard Acuña VIDEO entertainment | SHOWS

The various live altercations he has Brunella Horna by hosting ‘America Today’, which is mocked by viewers and netizens, made Magaly Medina criticize the businesswoman on more than one occasion. LEE: Magaly makes fun of Brunella when she sees that Richard Acuña traveled to Qatar without her: “Where the captain rules, the sailor doesn’t rule” … Read more

Magaly Medina praises the physique of Micheille Soifer for the first time: “Really enviable” | showbiz RMMN | SHOWS

Magaly Medinaone of the biggest critics of Micheille Soifer, surprised more than one by praising the figure of the reality girl for the first time, who now offers “high voltage” shows in nightclubs where she shines doing the Anitta step. READ ALSO: Rodrigo Cuba celebrates Ale Venturo’s birthday and surprises her with an unpublished VIDEO: … Read more

What Magaly said about Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi | EYE-SHOW

During the Magaly TV La firma program broadcast on November 11, 2022, Magaly Medina was surprised by the response Natalie Vertiz gave when asked about her marriage to Yaco Eskenazi. MIRA: Natalie complains to Yaco and throws a dart: “The world doesn’t revolve around you, you don’t have to be selfish” “A couple that we … Read more

Giuliana Rengifo talks about Arantxa Mori’s accusations: “My conscience is clear” | Magaly Medina | Tilsa Lozano | Gisela Valcárcel | show business | SHOWS

The seventh gala of ‘The big show‘ began with the participation of Giuliana Rengifo. Given this, Gisela Valcárcel did not miss the opportunity to ask about her recent scandal, after Arantxa Mori accused her of destroying her six-year romance in Magaly TV The Firm. MORE INFORMATION: Bad Bunny: a large number of fans wait outside … Read more

‘Metiche’ Kurt Villavicencio cries and reveals that he is afraid of being alone VIDEO “I would have liked to have a partner” interview magaly medina celebrity | SHOWS

HE CONFESSES! Kurt VillavicencioThe popular ‘Metics‘, gave a sincere interview to the Magaly Medina program. The TV host could not help but break down by revealing that he would like to experience the love of a couple, but that this has not been possible. READ ALSO: Magaly warns Ana Siucho, wife of ‘Orejas’ Flores: “This … Read more