Michelle Soifer puts the ‘stop’ to Magaly Medina: “I’m not in La Gran Estrella to teach singing or dancing” reality singing entertainment | SHOWS

In the last days, Magaly Medina harshly criticized Michelle Soifer Already yahaira plasencia by ensuring that they do not have enough preparation to be musical coaches of the artists in ‘La Gran Estrella’. Given this, the popular “Michi” came forward to respond loud and clear to criticism. READ ALSO: Gisela Valcárcel and Group 5 were … Read more

Magaly Medina offers to support Samuel Suárez in a possible trial of Janet Barboza: “I’m going as your witness” | Magaly Tv La Firme | entertainment | SHOWS

Magaly Medina was more than pleased with Samuel Suarez this Friday, when she commented that the creator of Instarándula stood up for her when Janet Barboza called her “petty” for saying that the news of Tommy Portugal’s daughter was her exclusive. MIRA: Finally: Flor de Huaraz and Gringo Karl started divorce proceedings “I thank Samuel … Read more

Deyvis Orosco and Cassandra bury Magaly Medina and confirm a new godmother for their baby: “We love her very much” VIDEO FARANDULA | SHOWS

BURIED! Magaly Medina was announced as the new godmother of the baby of Deyvis Orosco and Cassandra Sanchez; However, after a fight with the “magpie”, the couple distanced themselves from Jessica Newton’s friend. READ ALSO: Melissa Paredes’ mother greets her on her birthday: “I know that what your heart longs for will soon be given” … Read more

Carlos Trejo appears with Magaly Chávez, former Alfredo Adame, and sends a message to the actor

Carlos Trejo appears with Magaly Chávez, former Alfredo Adame, and sends a message to the actor. Photo: Cuartoscuro Carlos Trejo don’t miss an opportunity to show that Alfredo Adame is not at all a person of your likingbecause the so-calledGhostbusters” shared a meeting he had with Magaly Chavezthe actor’s ex-girlfriend Was the eternal rival of … Read more

Ronald Hidalgo calls Magaly Medina “foolish” after fighting with Lucy Cabrera | EYE-SHOW

Ronald Hidalgo, winner of ‘Yo Soy’ as a Peruvian impersonator of Juan Gabriel, mocked Magaly Medina after she did not allow her lawyer Lucy Cabrera enters the set of ‘Magaly TV La Firme’last August 4. MIRA: Lucy Cabrera shoots Magaly after fight: “I wanted the scoop because for her everything is money, everything is rating” … Read more

Magaly Medina fights LIVE with Lucy Cabrera for the Ronald Hidalgo case: “I don’t like cheap shows” Farándula | SHOWS

EVERYTHING GOT OUT OF CONTROL. Magaly Medina starred in a tense confrontation LIVE with Lucy Cabrerathe lawyer of Ronald Hidalgo, who is known for being an imitator of Juan Gabriel. The former vedette wanted to enter the set to pronounce on the case involving the copycat’s son, but the Magpie prevented it. More information: Lucy … Read more

Ronald Hidalgo impersonator juan Gabriel answers mother of his son Magaly TV VIDEO | FARandula | | SHOWCASE

the imitator of Juan Gabriel, Ronald Hidalgo ‘Juan Gabriel from I am’, responded to the accusations of his son’s mother, who assures that he does not let him see the minor, in an interview for Magaly TV. According to the artist, they were the ones who invited their Lisset Cárdenas to visit the child, because … Read more

Magaly Medina outraged by the mystery of her navel: “How ridiculous and stupid” | Magaly Tv La Firme | entertainment | SHOWS

Magaly Medina He returned live to his program this Monday, after a vacation in the United States during the week of the National Holidays. The magpie was outraged since in recent days, several media outlets commented that she appeared in a bikini and showed her navel, after several rumors about that part of her body. … Read more

Pedro Loli: This he said about the ‘ampay’ of his ex Fiorella Méndez and Óscar del Portal | Magaly Medina celebrity RMMN | SHOWS

Pedro Loli appeared last weekend at the Peruvian music festival in Newark, New Jersey (United States), and was approached by a team from “Magaly TV: La Firme”, who consulted him about the media ampay who starred his ex-partner Fiorella Mendez with Oscar del Portal. The cumbiambero spoke for the first time about the infidelity scandal … Read more

Anthony Aranda returned to the apartment of Melissa Paredes VIDEO with the prohibition of his daughter Rodrigo Cuba: “It’s not with him,” says Magaly Medina celebrity | SHOWS

STILL TOGETHER? Despite speculation of a split, the dancer Anthony Aranda was seen again before the cameras of Magaly Medina parking his motorcycle at the door of the department of Melissa Paredes. The ‘Activator’ entered the house, but alone. More information: Magaly to Jazmín for talking about leaking Melissa’s audio: “What does the donkey know … Read more