James did not give an interview after the game, Westbrook refuted Magic’s criticism from the air – yqqlm

Original title: James did not give an interview after the game, Westbrook refuted Magic’s criticism On January 16, Beijing time, the 2021-22 NBA regular season continued, and the Los Angeles Lakers played away to the Denver Nuggets. After the whole game, the Lakers defeated the Nuggets 96-133, swallowing a 3-game losing streak. The 37 points … Read more

Elon is a magician. Tesla has produced almost a million cars a year

Tesla significantly exceeded analysts’ expectations and delivered a record number of cars last year. And with the opening of the Berlin factory for this year, it expects a further increase in production. American carmaker Last year, Tesla delivered a record 936,172 electric cars to the market. This is an increase of 87 percent over the … Read more

“Diablo 4” reveals the “peak panel” and legendary items that can be extracted through the magician “Diablo IV”-Bahamut

  《Diablo 4》The game development team today (21) shared the development updates for the fourth quarter of 2021. Game director Joe Shely, chief system designer Joe Piepiora, and chief visual effects designer Daniel Briggs shared the new game character development system and professional expertise. The refined mechanism “peak panel” can extract legendary abilities, obtain the essence … Read more

Choi Hyun-woo, a 43-year-old magician, is rumored to be dating an Arab university student

[스포츠서울 | 박효실기자] Magician Choi Hyun-woo (43) is engulfed in dating rumors with an ordinary woman, raising questions. Recently, a media reported that Choi Hyeon-woo has been dating an Arab woman named A for over a year. Choi Hyun-woo’s agency said, “I don’t know because it’s a personal life.” However, since there has been no … Read more

The tall statue that has shone all over the square has almost become a real magician

The Heat team, which had a record 16-point advantage in the third quarter, invented to waste it all and had to catch up with the rivals in the final seconds of the match. The situation at the Miami club looked hopeless – 0.6 seconds left. their deficit was 3 points (100: 103) and rival striker … Read more

Sri Al-Najjar “Hamouda” in the movie “The Magician” .. How did his features change after 20 years and where did he go? | news

Do you remember the young actor, Sari Al-Najjar, who embodied the character “Hamouda” in the movie “The Magician” 20 years ago? Sari Al-Najjar was one of the new faces that made its way to fame at the turn of the millennium, with big names in the world of cinema, such as the late director Radwan … Read more

In New Zealand, a state-paid wizard ends up. He was probably the only one in the world

For many, the stories of magicians and their abilities are only the subject of fairy tales and legends. Until now, however, they had one official in New Zealand. However, the only state-paid wizard was released. The eighty-eight-year-old magician, actually named Ian Brackenbury Channell, has served the city for twenty-three years. He was to supply “witchcraft … Read more

Egypt.. Witness: a “magician” wanted to carry out a “prank” on a child who found him washing cars on the street.. The unthinkable happened.

Al-Marsad newspaper: A child who appeared with the famous Egyptian juggernaut “Chris Al-Masry” has impressed the pioneers of social networking sites because of his talent for singing. A junkie turns the fire for 20 poundsThe 11-year-old child, Muhammad Osama, stopped the famous player, holding a cleaning cloth and wearing old worn clothes. The player stopped … Read more

David Copperfield: What tricks do his mind still stand on?

Legendary magician David Copperfield, real name David Seth Kotkin, is probably the most famous magician in the world. Today, he performs hundreds of shows every year and has performed in front of countless spectators during his lifetime. But as a child he was very shy and solitary. But that didn’t stop him from devoting himself … Read more

Najwa Karam responds to her lover, is she sure she is in love, and describes him as a magician of hearts-video

After leading the trend in Lebanon to tease her followers to release her new song, the Lebanese singer achieved…Najwa KaramVideo clip “magician of heartsAfter more than an hour of its release, about 17,500 views, the song was written by Amer Lund, composed by Ali Hassoun, distributed by Danny Helou, and directed by Hess Ghaddar. The … Read more