Her name is widely reported to be a PDIP presidential candidate, Puan Maharani: I haven’t been appointed yet

FAJAR.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The head of the PDI-P DPP Puan Maharani admitted that there was no sign that he would be appointed as a presidential candidate from the party bearing the white bull symbol. “(I) have not been appointed, there are no signs either,” said Puan on the sidelines of the Nusantara Fish Grill Festival, … Read more

Puan Maharani Answers Questions About PDIP Presidential Candidates in 2024: There Are Already Dongs For Sure

Tribunnews.com Reporter, Fersianus Waku TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Chairman of the DPR and Chairman of the PDI-P DPP Mrs. Maharani said that his party had already pocketed the name of the presidential candidate (Capres) that PDIP would carry in 2024. However, Puan said that the PDIP General Chair Megawati Soekarnoputri still kept secret about who her … Read more

TRENDING: How to pray the bodies of ‘Ma’ruf Amin’ and Puan Maharani is rumored to ask for Islamic religious education to be removed

SEPUTARTANGSEL.COM – Circulating a viral video using the name of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, KH Ma’ruf Amin on social media. The viral video that was circulating contained a narration entitled ‘How to pray the body of the vice president Ma’ruf Amin, use bowing and prostration’. Telematics expert Roy Suryo also responded … Read more

Puan Maharani Launches Attack, Observer: Horrified Seeing Ganjar Step On Gas

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Chairman of the Central Executive Board of the PDI-P Mrs. Maharani recently began to launch “attacks” on his political opponents towards the 2024 Presidential Election. He asked PDI-P sympathizers not to choose candidates who were handsome and diligent in appearing on social media. Puan also asked the cadres not to be influenced … Read more

Today Puan Maharani Inaugurates Legi Solo Market

Solo – Today, the Chairperson of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Puan Maharani, will inaugurate the Legi Solo Market. In the inauguration, which will be held at 10.00 WIB, Puan will be accompanied by PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono and Solo Mayor Gibran Rakabuming Raka. According to the plan, Puan will first visit Kampung Batik Laweyan … Read more

Volunteers declare Puan Maharani President 2024, considered the Queen of Justice and Soekarno’s Blood

The press conference for the declaration of Puan Maharani to become president was held by Gema Puan at the Noorman Hotel, Semarang City, Sunday (31/10/2021). (Source: TribunBanyumas.com) SEMARANG, KOMPAS.TV – Volunteers calling themselves the Young Generation of Nusantara Fighters or Gema Puan have declared their support for PDI-P (PDI-P) Chair Puan Maharani as a presidential … Read more

Unrecognized by residents, Puan Maharani was forced to introduce herself during Blusukan in West Jakarta

PEOPLE’S MIND – Chairman of the House of Representatives (DPR) Mrs. Maharani blusukan in West Jakarta. He directly observed the Covid-19 vaccination activities in this area. Based on monitoring Pikiran-Rakyat.com, Mrs. Maharani arrived at SMKN 72 West Jakarta at around 9.40 WIB, Sunday, September 26, 2021. Arriving at the location, Mrs. Maharani immediately check one … Read more

Megawati Stretches Puan Maharani in 2024, Observer: Politics…

GenPI.co – Indonesian Political Opinion (IPO) Principal Researcher Catur Nugroho responded to the discourse of DPR Chair Puan Maharani running for the 2024 Presidential Election (Pilpres). Chess suspects PDIP general chairman Megawati Soekarnoputri want to project the child. “It is suspected that Megawati will give a mandate to continue Jokowi’s work as president in 2024,” … Read more