Perveneck: The main obstacle is the ban on traders working on weekends

Apranga announced on Monday that in April the group’s turnover increased 2.5 times compared to the same period last year, but the turnover is not comparable, because in 2020 in Lithuania the entire Apranga store could not be open for almost a whole month. “We have a time when we have to adhere to strict … Read more

Elonas Muskas revealed the main reason why it is so difficult to create an autonomous car

Among the major car manufacturers in the field of autonomous cars, Tesla is probably the most advanced company. Nevertheless, even the Tesla autopilot is not yet fully ready for widespread use. Why is it so difficult to build a car? Pixabay Associative Photo Autonomous car technologies have been developing for more than a decade. Nevertheless, … Read more

The main race at the motorcycle Spring Prize in Brno was decided by a single thousandth

Only one thousandth of a second decided the victory of Karel Pešek in the main race of the Brno Spring Motorcycle Prize on the Masaryk Circuit. After twelve laps, the finish photo decided its close triumph before almost all the time, led by Michal Prášek in the strongest cubature over 600 cc. Talented Ondřej Vostatek … Read more

In Portugal – the victory of L. Hamilton, who overtook both main rivals, and K. Raikkonen, who hit a teammate

At the Algarve track in Portimao, the third 2021 The leader of the championship, the leader of the championship, celebrated the victory in the Formula 1 season Lewis Hamilton your „Mercedes“. After the start of the race, the Finns retained the first place Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes). He was then driven by L. Hamilton and the … Read more

The latest rendering of iPhone 13 is exposed!The bangs are reduced and the main camera lens arrangement is changed-Computer King Ada

There is only less than half a year left until the launch of the new iPhone this year, and the screen protector for the iPhone 13 began to circulate on the Internet about half a month ago. At that time, we could already know that the screen of the iPhone 13 on the front of … Read more

Women’s 100m backstroke champion and runner-up in the National Championship, Fu Yuanhui’s main event missed the Olympics

Women’s 100m backstroke champion and runner-up in the National Championship, all over A standard Fu Yuanhui missed the Olympic GamesFly into the homes of ordinary people The 2021 National Swimming Championships and the Tokyo Olympic Trials in Qingdao ended the women’s 100m backstroke finals this morning. Hubei’s Chen Jie won the championship in 59.75 seconds. … Read more

The main suspect in the fake hostage taking at Ubisoft Montreal is a gamer who was banned 80 times from Rainbow Six

The deception caused a great commotion, where hundreds of policemen, an armored truck, sniffer dogs, the tactical squad were transferred to the door of Ubisoft Montreal. The alleged cause of this fake hostage-taking? A gamer who wanted revenge for being kicked out of the Rainbow Six game by Ubisoft. The Ville de Montréal Police Service … Read more

6 Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin Health, Helps Prevent Hyperpigmentation – If you are looking for natural ways to support skin health, vitamin is the best choice to help maintain his appearance and health. The best source of vitamins is from nutrient-rich foods, but vitamin supplements and topical products containing vitamins can also be used. Apart from helping the skin look healthier, vitamins can … Read more

The main designer of ‘Porsche’ for 20 years – Latvian Anatols Lapins

In the mood of the May Patriotic Festival, we look at history, introducing an outstanding personality – Anatols Lapiņš, who was born in Latvia. He is known in the world as one of the best “Porsche“designers, and the story of Mr. Lapiņš ‘s achievements is also included in the book” The Road to Excellence “published … Read more

Replacing the main right wing, Witan Sulaeman brought FK Radnik Surdulica a goal party to the Promotion Team’s goal

INSTAGRAM / FK.RADNIK.SURDULICA Indonesia’s U-19 national team player, Witan Sulaeman also scored a debut goal for his team, FK Radnik Surdulica, a day after Egy Maulana Vikri who scored for Lechia Gdansk. <!– –> BOLASPORT.COM – Player Indonesian U-19 national team, Witan Sulaeman play the moment FK Radnik Surdulica crushed his opponent, Macva 5-0 in … Read more