A Lastarria neighborhood in Maipú ?: Central neighborhood, Cathy Barriga’s proposal that worries residents

Within the framework of the new Phase 3 in which Maipú entered this Monday, October 19, the mayor proposed the Barrio Central project, a kind of Boulevard or promenade where people could walk and purchase both gastronomic and other products. “All communes have a place where restaurants are lined up on a street. We can … Read more

Photo report: Unpublished images of the social outbreak in Maipú by Migrar Photo

The documentary photography collective Migrate Photo captured moments lived from the beginning of the social outbreak in the commune. Days of demonstration that began after the massive evasion carried out by high school students, to become a nationwide movement with the passing of time. The group of photographers was deployed in various territories and among … Read more

Phase 3: What physical activities can you practice in Maipú at this stage?

The Safe Sports Plan of the Municipality of Maipú announced the measures and conditions for playing sports in the commune in this new stage of the Government’s Step by Step plan. For their part, sports activities such as zumba, entertaining dance, yoga The baby soccer games They are allowed with a maximum of 25 people … Read more

Maipú Command Approves: “If we lose the constituency, it is 50 more years with the current one and that would be horrible for the country”

Less than a week before the plebiscite, the command for the approval dedicated to informing the residents of Maipú about the importance of a New Constitution, spoke about the meaning of a constitutional change for the commune and called on the opposition to unite given what “If we do not go together, we will have … Read more

Schoenstatt Youth of Maipú Generation 1990-2000: “We request that each of the testimonies be investigated with the greatest possible rigor”

A few weeks ago, members of the Youth for Women and Men of the Movement Schoenstatt Bellavista made a public statement expressly condemning the facts known last August. It is about a series of sexual abuse committed in the congregation, which was published by the media Kairós News, where a series of testimonies against some … Read more

The first day of Maipú in Phase 3 of Preparation – MI GENTE MAGAZINE

Text and Photography: Mi Gente Magazine Within the framework of the Step by Step plan promoted by the government health authorities, today, Monday, October 19, our commune of Maipú lives its first day in Phase 3 of Preparation. To see the behavior of our neighbors at this stage, Mi Gente Magazine went out and toured … Read more

Claudia Vergara: The role of human rights SUTRA in the social outbreak in Maipú

They can be seen in almost every demonstration. In Maipú, Claudia Vergara is a kind of institution. Chaos lurks and she does not run. On the contrary: record. Your protection? a white helmet that reads DDHH Sutra. Then calm. The smell of tear gas began to disperse and the police took detained protesters to the … Read more

Restoration of the Municipal Theater of Maipú – MI GENTE MAGAZINE

Information and Photography: Regional Metropolitan Council of Santiago CORE The Metropolitan Regional Council of Santiago (CORE) – in its plenary session n ° 19, held on October 7 – approved an important project for our commune of Maipú. It involves the conservation and restoration of the Municipal Theater at a cost of $ 265,513,000. The … Read more