Małgorzata Rozenek and Radosław Majdan celebrate Henio’s 2nd birthday: “He went for his first conscious shopping” (PHOTOS)

After a round jubilee, celebrated with pomp in Miami and Warsaw Radosław Majdansubsequent members of the Rozenek-Majdan family successively celebrated their birthdays. Margaret she did not fail to report on family celebrations in social media. Today our beloved jubilarian Henryk celebrated his 2nd birthday, therefore he went on his first conscious shopping – Radosław informed … Read more

Radosław Majdan showed photos with his wife. Małgorzata posed in a bikini. “We are celebrating”

Radosław Majdan went on a long journey together with his wife, their son Henio, and the sons of a TV presenter from his previous marriage – Stanisław and Tadeusz. The nanny also flew with them. Due to the departure The Majdans organized an earlier Christmas Eve dinner in Polandto spend time with the parents of … Read more

Radosław Majdan showed photos with his wife. Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan stole the show

Radoslaw Majdan and Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan are considered to be one of the most stylish couples in Polish show business. Wherever they appear, they attract attention, and their stylizations are later widely commented on by Internet users and journalists. It was not different this time. The article continues under the video On Saturday, the journalist Omenaa … Read more

Małgorzata Rozenek eats pizza and hugs Radosław Majdan on a date (PHOTOS)

It is wonderful to observe rage, fury, aggression, thrashing, helpless actions, desperation, stupid acts, constant dressing up and walking around the streets, chaotic statements by Małgorzata Majdanek, who after the recent alcohol scandal in Sopot and a short summary of her NOTHING by Kuba Wojewódzki was launched with TVN, along with his livestock, W KOSMOS, … Read more

Radosław Majdan showed charming photos of his son. “Unbelievable”

Radosław Majdan and Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan became parents over a year ago. Their son Henryk appeared in the world. The boy became the apple of his parents’ eye. Both the former goalkeeper of the Polish national team and his wife are happy to boast of their son’s photos on the web. This time, great photos were … Read more

Radosław Majdan showed a great photo of Henio’s son. Fans delighted

Radosław Majdan is one of those people who are active in social media. A lot of photos and recordings appear on the profile of the former goalkeeper of the Polish national team. There are also private ones. Each publication is widely commented on, which is not surprising, because the profile of Radosław Majdan on Instagram … Read more