Brian May of Queen for Gender Neutral Awards: I’m Tired of People Making Thoughtless Changes

Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May has criticized the decision for the British Music Awards (BRIT Awards) to no longer have different awards for male and female performers, and for the artist award to be one and gender neutral. “This is a decision that has been made without enough thought. Many things work well and should … Read more

Thank God I Can Get Off Drugs! Only Tomato Capital Turns Out To Be Effective In Making High Cholesterol Immediately Drop, Here’s The Right Way To Process It – All Pages – Cholesterol is a disease that many people fear. Because if you have cholesterol, you have to take medicine often. By taking medication, of course, it can regulate our high cholesterol. However, we know that taking medicine is not always good. Also Read: No need to buy medicine anymore, this cheap vegetable soaking capital … Read more

It is just too much! Here are 5 strange rules implemented by Kim Jong Un in North Korea, making you shake your head

JOURNAL SOREANG – North Korea is a country in East Asia led by the figure Kim Jong Un. As the supreme leader North Korea, Kim Jong Un known to frequently apply rule controversial in the country. Even rule are applied Kim Jong Un from North Korea this can be considered very outrageous. Also Read: Makes … Read more

Juana Repetto, open-hearted about raising her children: “I’m making a lot of mistakes”

Always connected to your Instagram followers, Juana Repetto spoke without euphemisms of motherhood and shows her day to day with her children Toribio and Belisarius. In a round trip with her followers, a mother asked her: “How do you handle difficult parenting days? I am in the same situation daughter / baby ”. Then, Juana … Read more

The legendary music player Winamp is making a comeback. In a new way! | DroidSans

Who can use an app to listen to common songs like Winamp Some raise your hand… Let me tell you, in the late 90’s to the early 2000s, every computer user should have the Winamp app installed to listen to their MP3s or music CDs. Until the popularity of this app steadily declined and closed … Read more

Iran Getting Closer to Capable of Making Nuclear Weapons

Iran will need more than a year to design a nuclear warhead that can be mounted on top of any of its 3,000 ballistic missiles. Photo/jsribune WASHINGTON – Head of Central Command United States of America (USA), General Kenneth McKenzie said, Iran “very close” to being able to make nuclear weapons . He told Time … Read more

Chod-Es cleared the drama at the end of Sida Basket making it difficult to please everyone. There is no right-wrong

Two organizers, P’ Chod Saithip – S. Worarit, cleared the drama at the end of Sida Baskets, saying that it’s difficult to please everyone. Saying that there is no right-wrong, good at watching Green, booking a queue as a continuous camp heroine Follow the news, press follow, live news The Sida cable car farewell with … Read more

Technology giants are making huge gains..and these are their profits per second!

net profit amounted toA group of American tech giants, known as GAFAM, generated nearly $300 billion in the 12 months ending September 30, 2021, after generating revenue of $1.35 trillion. This comes after companies that include Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft have benefited greatly from the boom in the digital economy since the beginning … Read more

5 Portraits of Prameswari Memes Watching WSBK at the Mandalika Circuit, Making Selfie Envy with Racers! : Okezone Lifestyle

CHAMPIONSHIP World Superbike (WSBK) Mandalika 2021 in Lombok garnered public attention. Not only racing enthusiasts, but also a number of celebrities, including Memes Prameswari. The woman who is known as a beautiful sinden shares her moments on the Mandalika circuit to her personal Instagram. Memes Prameswari also had time to take pictures with several racers. … Read more

For decades he amassed his fortune almost silently, now billionaire Gillinski takes center stage by making the biggest offer of his life

(Bloomberg) – In a span of four decades, Colombian Jaime Gilinski has quietly accumulated a fortune that exceeds US $ 4,000 million by expanding your family group of businesses and moving into new areas such as banking, finance and real estate. Jaime Gilinski (right) with Michael Brodman at a gala in New York, 2017 (Photo … Read more