Tips for Making Selfie Photos More Interesting, Jakarta – Berselfie Photo or taking pictures of yourself is now a hobby of many people. Moreover, the ability of the front camera on today’s smartphones is increasingly sophisticated and feature-rich. For example, with the Oppo Reno7 smartphone, users can now make selfie photos more interesting. Even if you feel you are not a … Read more

Martynas Nagevičius: making money from electricity balancing is a new opportunity for consumers Business

Or temporarily turn off the refrigerators, allowing the temperature in the freezer to rise for a short one degree, knowing that this will not harm the products stored there, but in return for twice as much money as needed for subsequent extra refrigeration, lower the temperature in the freezer? Or, conversely, would you agree to … Read more

14 Money Making Applications of IDR 25,000 Per Day, Proven to Pay Directly to DANA

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – Did you know money making app proven to pay Rp. 25 thousand per day and go directly to the FUND? A number of money making app It has various missions. Users can take advantage of money making app this is to find extra cuan. Besides that, money making app It also has several … Read more

Rules for making ‘Sleeping Police’ so they don’t go viral on social media

Jakarta – Viral on social media is a video showing approximately 20 rows of ‘sleeping police’ installed close together in the Bayu Asih area, Mauk, Tangerang. Because its presence disturbed local residents, the ‘sleeping police’ was dismantled again on Friday (24/06/2022). Apart from disturbing local residents and passing motorists, what made a scene was the … Read more

6 Portraits of Nabila Ishma and Zara Remembering Eril’s Birthday, Making Apple Pie Together, Jakarta Even though he died, memories Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz or Eril is still always felt by the family. Exactly today, June 25, 23 years ago, Ridwan Kamil’s eldest son was born into the world. To commemorate him, Eril’s sister Camillia Laetitia Azzahra or who is familiarly called Zara made a small but meaningful moment. … Read more

Toyota is modifying one of its most famous cars and making it more advanced

Despite the wide spread and excellent sales achieved by RAV4 cars across the world, Toyota decided this year to introduce modifications to these vehicles to attract a larger segment of people to it. Looking at the leaked photos of the new car, we note that it has received some modifications that distinguish it from the … Read more

It prevents cancer, purifies it from toxins… The cure that makes the lungs sparkling!

Lungs are vital for human health. You can try the cress cure that will purify the lungs, which allows us to breathe, from toxins and make them sparkling. If you smoke, you can breathe comfortably with the cress cure you will apply to clean the lungs, which are more worn out. WHAT IS cress? Cress … Read more

Furnaces for money. Tesla’s new factories are making billions, Musk admitted

The plants are “making billions of dollars right now.” It’s a ton of cost and almost no production, “Musk complained in an interview with the acclaimed Tesla Owners Club in Silicon Valley. “The factories in Berlin and Austin are gigantic money kilns right now. It’s like a giant crash, which is the sound of burning … Read more

Tim Cook offers the clearest hint yet that Apple is making a headphone

Apple CEO Tim Cook poses for a photo next to a group of new MacBook Airs as he enters the Steve Jobs Theater during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) at the Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California on June 6, 2022. Chris Tweet | AFP | Getty Images apple CEO Tim Cook recently offered … Read more

Why we’re obsessed with making ‘Doom’ work on the most random sites

In 1992 id Software threw ‘Wolfenstein 3D‘ and changed the history of video games. The FPS (First-Person Shooter) genre became an absolute phenomenon, and after it would come two even more legendary titles, ‘Doom‘ y ‘Quake‘. The franchise has conquered millions of players and has had numerous sequelsbut the funny thing is that the original … Read more