“It is aimed at those who are thinking of making their living in the country”: Monocle launches a book about Portugal and has something to say about the role of paper

“Monocle” magazine launched last Tuesday, in Lisbon, a book about Portugal and the event brought to Lisbon the director of the magazine, Tyler Brûlé, and the editor, Andrew Tuck, both journalists and founders of the publication. The book “Portugal: The Monocle Handbook” consists of a collection of various stories and places across the country, including … Read more

Central Banks Are Making Things Worse – Unsaid Economics

The recent decisions of the main central banks in the global economy, supposed to fight against the strong increase in consumer prices, are in reality likely to worsen the macroeconomic situation for four main reasons. Primo, the rise in interest rates will push up the production costs of companies needing to call on bank loans … Read more

The Uruguayan who started making accessories in her teens and today exhibits her products in Australia, China and Dubai

In 2004, Valentina Lapitz (33) had to miss school for two weeks. And as a result of the boredom that he experienced during those days, he began to experiment with a discipline that changed the course of his life. According to what he told Coffee & Business who is now the owner of the venture … Read more

Lukashenko blames Ukraine for everything: By violating the principles, he is making negotiations impossible

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Sunday that Kiev is making a “mistake” by setting conditions for starting negotiations with Russia. According to Lukashenko, it is precisely the imposition of conditions that makes the initiation of such negotiations impossible. “The mistake of Ukrainians, (Ukrainian President) Volodymyr Zelensky, is that they violate the typical principles of … Read more

As of 2023, making changes to Afore will be prohibited | News from Mexico

MEXICO.- In order to reduce changes in Afore and offer the worker more advice and information regarding their resources allocated to the pension, the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System (consume) reported on the new operating rules for the figure of social security agents that will replace the Afore promoters starting next year, 2023. … Read more

Recession and regrets. Brexit is making the British more pro-European than Europeans

Rishi Sunak has been British Prime Minister for exactly one month. And for what happened in Great Britain in 2022 this is already a great result. But this is the only encouraging news from across the Channel in recent times. Six and a half years after the referendum, three since formally leaving the EU, two … Read more

Fans are making their own remake of the original God of War on Unity

A small team of enthusiasts from Baryonix Studios are working on an unofficial remake God of War, developing it on the Unity Engine. The project is at the pre-alpha stage, but the developers have already shown the progress they have made. Since this is a game purely on enthusiasm, you should not expect anything amazing … Read more

Watch .. Abu Essam’s wife in the Bab Al-Hara series, making young people mad with her new photos.. You will not believe how she appeared

Riyadh – Rawaida bin Abbas – The Syrian artist, Maysoon Abu Asaad, published through her account on the social networking site Instagram, a group of recent photos of her, in which she appeared in a bold look. Maysoon Abu-Assad in a bold black dress The Syrian artist published pictures from her latest photo session, in … Read more

Should I leave the heating on or turn it off? The Czechs are making a huge mistake, this year they will not pay at all

Maybe you’ve never looked into it before, but in times of high energy prices, you should start quickly. Although home heating is not such a complicated science, many are afraid of setting it up and prefer to let everything run as it was once set and do not deal with it any further. But in … Read more