The Porsche LMDh driven with Fred Mako

CLOCLO31 15 jan. 2022 • 14:01 The apparent difference between the known (Toyota) or half-revealed (Peugeot) LMHs and this first LMDh mainly concerns the front end and this is perhaps related to the different hybridization system imposed by the regulations. Worried about the continuation of Fred Mako’s career at Porsche, it’s good to see him … Read more

Japanese Crown Prince Condemns “Terrible Things” Written About Former Princess Mako

Japan’s Crown Prince Akishino struck back at the media for his coverage of his daughter’s engagement and for saying “terrible things” about the former princess Mako. The crown prince, younger brother of Emperor Naruhito, said: “For me, slanderous words, words that deeply hurt people – whether in magazines or on the Internet – are unacceptable.” … Read more

Japanese ex-princess Mako starts new life in New York

Mako, 30, lifted her titles to marry her non-aristocratic partner last month, whom she met during her college days. Her name is now Mako Komuro. Their relationship was sensitive in Japan. Media wrote about alleged financial difficulties within her in-laws and protests took place on the day of the wedding. Mako suffered emotionally from the … Read more

Princess Mako has left Japan. He begins a modest life overseas

Mako and Komuri looked like any ordinary married couple – apart from the fact that until recently the young wife belonged to the Japanese royal family. For several years she waited to marry her beloved of the people. During their engagement, they both faced enormous criticism from society, which considered Komuri unworthy of a princess. … Read more

Japan: former princess Mako goes to live in New York with her husband

The former Japanese princess Mako, deprived of her imperial title following her marriage at the end of October with the commoner Kei Komuro, flew Sunday with him for New York, where the couple intends to settle. Under good escort, the couple took a commercial flight to New York from Tokyo-Haneda airport, without saying a word … Read more

The marriage of Tatsuhiko Kawashima, Mako and Kei Komuro is a “disappointing result”.[光文社週刊誌]

Photo / Jiji Press, JMPA The family funeral of Tatsuhiko Kawashima, the father of Princess Kiko Akishino and an emeritus professor at Gakushuin University, was held on November 6th. In addition to the Akishinomiya family, Mako Komuro and Kei also visited and said goodbye to Mr. Kawashima. Kawashima died of mesothelioma on November 4. I … Read more

Princess Mako of Japan and Kei Komuro, the controversial union

Sometimes love is stronger than tradition. Princess Mako of Japan proved it this Tuesday, October 26 by marrying her companion, the commoner Kei Komuro. The young woman went against part of her family and the traditions of her country, preferring to lose her royal title than to give up the love of her life. In … Read more

In Japan, Princess Mako married after long controversy –

Princess Mako, niece of the Emperor of Japan, married Tuesday after years of controversy over her union with her commoner fiance and college sweetheart, but she gave up the pomp of traditional rites and an important financial compensation. “The marriage documents have been presented and accepted,” said a representative of the Imperial Agency. Japanese television … Read more