Tsiskaridze justified the artists who fled from Russia

People’s Artist of Russia Nikolai Tsiskaridze spoke about the artists who went abroad at a difficult time for our country. “We have a democratic society. Everyone has the right to choose where he wants to spend his time today, ”said the artist. Tsiskaridze, we recall, became the new host in the popular First Channel show … Read more

Nikas Safronov made a statement about Galkin

Statements, actions, concerts of Maxim Galkin abroad Nikas Safronov are of little concern. The artist does not see a creative unit in the humorist and perceives him only as the husband of Alla Pugacheva. Nikas Stepanovich admitted that years ago he considered Galkin an interesting artist, but now he doesn’t even want to think about … Read more

the famous singer spoke about the personal life of Pugacheva and Galkin

Sergei Chumakov, who is a longtime favorite of the Primadonna, revealed the secret of their personal relationship with Maxim Galkin. In an interview “Moskovsky KomsomoletsThe singer said that the rumors about the comedian’s dominance over the singer are a blatant lie. Chumakov claims that Alla Borisovna has the wisdom and knowledge to be a self-sufficient … Read more

who was the alleged lover of Maxim Galkin

The exposure of Margarita Simonyan made so much noise that some decided at all costs to find out the identity of the alleged lover Maxim Galkin. Didn’t have to search long. The “honorary” role went to the oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov. He constantly ends up in the same place where the Pugacheva-Galkin family, and practically pays … Read more

The ratings of the show “Tonight” with Tsiskaridze are revealed

It looks like the project is not a success. The other day it became known that Nikolai Tsiskaridze was officially approved as the host of the Tonight show. The dancer replaced Maxim Galkin, who flew to Israel. According to Stanislav Sadalsky, the changes did not benefit the project. “I still don’t watch TV, but they … Read more

TV presenter Popov advised Galkin not to return to Russia

The State Duma deputy advised the comedian to “learn Hebrew”. The host of the 60 Minutes program on the Russia 1 TV channel, State Duma deputy Yevgeny Popov called for the return of the singer Alla Pugacheva to her homeland. But her husband Maxim Galkin, in his opinion, should not return to Russia. “Let Galkin … Read more

when Galkin and Pugacheva return to Russia

The couple now lives in Israel. Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin spent the last three months in Israel. Rumor has it that celebrities decided to move abroad permanently and sell their property in Russia. According to the star of the Battle of Psychics, the clairvoyant Kazhetta Akhmedzhanova, the prima donna and the comedian will still … Read more

“Standed up for Alla Borisovna”: Presnyakov’s act delighted the showman

If quite recently the castle of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin was actively discussed in the press, now everyone is only talking about the act of her grandson Nikita Presnyakov. The musician completely denied any rumors about transactions with his family’s mansion, earning respect from many show business stars. In conversation with the portal BLITZ+ … Read more

“Crossed the road to someone and became angry”

Kazhetta Akhmedzhanova stated that the “war” against the comedian was unleashed by a person from his entourage. Now Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva live in Israel. Many celebrities criticize the Primadonna and the comedian for leaving Russia during a difficult period. According to the star of the “Battle of Psychics”, clairvoyant Kazhetta Akhmedzhanova, the persecution … Read more

Named an unexpected reason for the rapid sale of Galkin’s castle

No matter how much ill-wishers criticize Maxim Galkin’s castle, this is unlikely to prevent the humorist from selling it profitably. And it’s not just that the famous showman and his star wife Alla Pugacheva lived in a pompous house. In conversation with the portal BLITZ+ interior designer Oksana Reyskaya noted that such houses were considered … Read more