On video | The passion for collecting music on acetate

Music is capable of taking human beings through different states of mind. A ballad can make a few tears escape, while an African theme makes people shake their whole body. It is so passionate that there are people who dedicate a large part of their lives to collecting it, a task in which they invest … Read more

Three injured in shooting in Las Gardenias

Three people wounded by bullets was the result of a shooting that took place late Saturday night inside the Las Gardenias urbanization, southwest of Barranquilla. The exchange of shots was exactly at the entrance to groups 7 and 8. There, according to the police report, an alleged criminal was shot when he intimidated one of … Read more

‘Meller’, responsible for the bullet attack in Soledad: Police

A criminal attack clouded the celebration for the triumph of the Colombian National Team against Venezuela this Friday night. Hit men murdered a man and left six people injured in events recorded in Carrera 21 with Calle 23, El Cortijo neighborhood, in the municipality of Soledad. Yesterday, in the morning, the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police ruled … Read more

The FFIE will deliver 5 new schools in Barranquilla

Weeks after the Comptroller General of the Republic warn about delays in some works in schools, financed through the Educational Infrastructure Financing Fund (FFIE), the manager of this entity, Adriana González, was in the capital of the Atlantic inspecting the progress of the work in the educational institutions that are in intervention. González visited five … Read more