COVID-19, infidelity and addiction: the harsh confessions of Sara Maldonado that caused confusion and alarm

Sara Maldonado aired raw aspects of her personal life (Photo: Instagram @saramaldonado)Sara Maldonado is having a very bad time and so revealed this Saturday night, when he shared in his stories of Instagram aspects of his private life that he made public for his more than 300 thousand followers. In an impulsive act, according to … Read more

What a disgrace! Sara Maldonado has COVID-19 and her husband put the horns: “He fucked … a whore *”

The beloved actress expressed her hatred and anguish at such a betrayal. November 28, 2020 23:46 hs Sara maldonado She is going through the worst moment of her life because of her husband, who has cheated on her in the last hours. She discovered the betrayal and did not delay in exposing it on social … Read more

Paty Maldonado broke the silence after leaving Mega

During the last hours, a news bomb shook the world of entertainment and television: it was learned that Mega did not renew her contract with Paty Maldonado. Although she no longer appeared on “Mucho Gusto” since the Social Outbreak in October last year, some viewers still hoped to see her again in the morning. However, … Read more

Víctor Maldonado, mastermind of Interbolsa embezzlement, renounced his Colombian nationality – Crimes – Justice

Government sources confirmed to EL TIEMPO that Victor Maldonado, one of the brains of the collapse of more than 320,000 million pesos of the Premium Fund of the commission agent Interbolsa, he renounced his Colombian nationality.According to the source, Maldonado, who is in Spain, initiated the proceedings before the Foreign Ministry and his attorneys in … Read more

Cristina Kirchner criticized Horacio Rodríguez Larreta for the actions of the Police in a march for Santiago Maldonado

He backed a tweet in which Pedro’s “Wado” condemned the reaction of the security forces. The Buenos Aires government reported that several protesters had attacked the authorities. Last modification: August 02, 2020, 15: 02hs Vice President Cristina Kirchner (Photo: AFP). The vice president Cristina Kirchner questioned the head of the Buenos Aires government Horacio Rodríguez … Read more

Death of Santiago Maldonado: the tightness of function …

The Ministry of National Security will face an investigation to determine if they suffered “Illegal constraints”, by the officials of that time, the gendarmes who participated in the operation after which the disappearance and death of Santiago Maldonado occurred. “In the days immediately after the operation (on August 1, 2017), ex-Ministry officials went to the … Read more

Sigrid Alegría in a tailspin against Patricia Maldonado

Sigrid Alegría raised her voice against Patricia Maldonado. The former panelist of “Mucho Gusto”, who has spent days in constant controversy, has not only been criticized for her words against Daniela Vega, but also for a video where she is seen forcefully throwing her pet. It may interest you: Paty Maldonado reaffirms his words to … Read more

Movilh calls Maldonado and Pulido’s awful sayings about Daniela Vega a “sick fixation”

The former television faces shared space on Patricia Maldonado’s YouTube channel. In it, the former panelist of Mucho Gusto indicated that the protagonist of a Fantastic Woman “is a man”, although “she wants to be a woman”. On these sayings Oscar Rementería, a spokesman for Movilh – who last week announced that he will file … Read more

The repudiated comment by Patricia Maldonado against Daniela Vega

Daniela Vega is trending topic on Twitter and because? Well, because again it was a topic of conversation Patricia Maldonado, on his YouTube channel, with Claudia Schmidt and Catalina Pulido. It all started when the actress began to say that currently she feels that there is a kind of heterophobia, “I do not feel equal, … Read more

Honduran Denil Maldonado won his first title with Pachuca in Mexico – Diez

He Pachuca continues with its preparation stage for the Apertura 2020 tournament of the League MX and yesterday conquered the Telcel Cup beating the lion. This is the first title of the Honduran defender, Denil Maldonado, who was summoned for said commitment. The former Motagua player was among the substitutes, but had no participation in … Read more