“98% of Monkeypox Virus Cases Are Gay or Bisexual Males!”

One of the important agenda items last weekend was a decision taken by the World Health Organization (WHO). In the statements made by the authorities, it was stated that a global emergency was declared for the monkeypox disease, which we have heard frequently recently. While the concerns about the disease continued, a remarkable exit came … Read more

Aldo Miyashiro responded to a Magaly TV reporter, who made him mad | Magpie | Eleven Males | videos | entertainment | SHOWS

JUMPING CHINESE. Aldo Miyashiro confronted a journalist from Magaly TV, la Firme, who asked him a provocative question, in his reappearance with the Once Machos team, after his departure after the ampay with the reporter Fiorella Retiz. It all happened when the journalist asked the driver of the Banda del Chino, ‘if he had learned … Read more

Lack of males, Albatross Birds Can Do Same-Sex Marriage

KOMPAS.com – Just like humans, animals also need to reproduce to produce offspring. There are animals that are loyal to only one partner, there are also those who have more than one partner. In laysan or laysan . albatross species albatross in the Pacific, males and females will bond as partners for life. Each breeding … Read more

Path of love Poi Treechada – Oak Phakwa, the heir of Ajor’s house. From the male’s family point of view

Open the path of love Poi Treechada – Oak Phakwa, a businessman and the heir of Ajor’s house. From the male’s family point of view We met here for the first time without an appointment. This is destiny. Called the couple that many people are extremely jealous of. For the couple of young women Poi … Read more

Fighting between males behind giraffe neck elongation – rts.ch

The giraffe did not always have a long neck, but it always favored the headbutt to defend its position, as evidenced by the discovery of a giraffoid fossil, equipped with a real cranial shield. The specimen was found in northern China. The discovery of “Discokeryx xiezhi” reinforces the thesis that the initial driver of giraffe … Read more

Philoponella spider tries to devour males after mating

The mating of the spider Philoponella prominens is a high-risk activity for the males, who have developed a curious technique to avoid being cannibalized by the female after copulation: catapult themselves out of her reach. Now, researchers from the University of Hubei, in Wuhan (China), have described for the first time the exact mechanism that … Read more

Tennis: The Lebanese delegation for males (under 14 years old) left to participate in the Asian Championship in India

Subscribe to Al Diyar YouTube channel for free Yesterday, Saturday, the Lebanese delegation left for males in tennis for the under 14 years category to participate in the Asian Championship, which will be hosted by the Indian capital, New Delhi, from 25-30 April. The delegation consisted of coach Thomas Weil and players Giorgio Badran, Zahi … Read more

Kalamare was hit with a high-so The male’s mother left the factory to clear.

Kalamare Patcharasri got caught up in high-sole, son of Teacher Aoi, life compass, male mother set out to clear a single roll. Follow the news, press follow, live news I’ve been single for a long time, but suddenly there is news to keep an eye on the female presenter, Kalamare Patcharasri Benjamas, and a young … Read more

Venice, the teacher against the top in the gym: “Girls distract males”. High school girls: “Change your mentality, don’t get dressed”

The teacher of physical education takes sides against the girls who go to the gym in their tops and they respond with a banner: “Change your mind, not your clothes”. It happens at the Marco Polo artistic high school in Venice. The professor argued that “in motion, girls should hide their shapes in order not … Read more

drones drop sterile males to fight their invasion

More than 40,000 sterilized male tiger mosquitoes were released three times in the town of Prades-le-Lez in Hérault. An experiment led by EID-Méditerranée and supported by CIRAD to limit the proliferation of the tiger mosquito, with interesting results. The tiger mosquito is an invasive species accidentally introduced into France in the 2000s. It is now … Read more