EGR valve: What it is, malfunctions, difficulty and prices of repairs, questions and answers

How does the EGR valve (exhaust gas recirculation valve) work? It is a part of the car that serves to recirculate part of the blown exhaust gas back into the engine. This reduces the amount of nitrogen oxide (NOx) released into the atmosphere. Today, the EGR valve is used not only by diesel engines, but … Read more

These cars failed long-term tests. The reason was serious malfunctions – Magazine – Auto

The real resistance and durability of cars will be revealed only after several years of operation and driving tens of thousands of kilometers. While some go to service only regularly, others have broken key parts. Matej Mikula 16.01.2023 06:00 Photo: Acura US Cars of European, American and Japanese brands were among the worst. Today’s cars … Read more

Microsoft warns against relying on Internet Explorer and confirms: it causes malfunctions.. Know the details – News Portal

Microsoft has announced that it will continue end-of-life updates in 2023 for its previous browser, Internet Explorer, for older Windows versions, according to a Digital Trend report. And although IE support was discontinued on the current Windows 11 version on June 15, Microsoft still allows the legacy browser to work on many older versions, including … Read more

Malfunctions at Apple services resolved after two hours – News

The American tech group Apple had to deal with outages at several of its services on Monday. More than two hours after the first reports, the malfunction was resolved. Users experienced problems with the application store App Store, messaging app iMessage, streaming services Apple Music and Apple TV+, cloud service iCloud and map service Maps. … Read more

Amsterdam bridges operated by hand again: malfunctions cannot be resolved

The Schellingwouder Bridge.Image ANP / Erik van ‘t Woud The outages occurred early last year after a new video system was introduced. Camera images sent to the control center were delayed or stuttered. On the through routes, this creates ‘a risk that Amsterdam cannot accept’, Alderman Egbert de Vries (Water) wrote in a letter to … Read more

Dazn, Agcom’s order arrives: “Stop malfunctions, urgent intervention is needed”. A hearing investigation has also started

They are emerged “such criticalities to make a necessary and no longer postponable urgent intervention“: After the broadcasting problems of Serie A football matches reported by thousands of fans, it comes from theAgcom an order to dazn to adopt any respectful behavior of the user rights, adopting every functional measure to prevent i malfunctions of … Read more

Users report malfunctions at Bank of America, the second largest bank in the US.

Published: 4 oct 2021 21:09 GMT Previously this Monday, several main platforms have registered drops or problems. The services of the US bank Bank of America are experiencing technical problems, according to the Downdetector portal. According to user reports, 19% cannot access the bank’s mobile application, while 33% complain of failures in its operation. 48% … Read more