Małgorzata Rozenek pampers the fans with the film with the CHOOSING Heniutek: “It’s the sweetest you will see today”

Małgorzata Rozenek i Radoslaw Majdan they had been trying to have a joint child for a long time. Two years ago, paparazzi caught them in front of a fertility clinic. The couple also considered adoption. Ultimately Małgosia managed to get pregnant thanks to the in vitro method, which she has been a propagator for years. … Read more

Detention of Margot. Małgorzata Trzaskowska on the incidents in Warsaw

Małgorzata Trzaskowska published her comment on her Facebook profile. Detention of Margot. Trzaskowska about aggression and hostility Małgorzata Trzaskowska began her entry with regret that there are still people in Poland demanding respect for their fundamental rights. “Dear friends, it is 2020, and Polish women and Poles must stand up for the basic rights to … Read more

Bulgakov writer is Bulgakov writer. He wrote “Master and Małgorzata” for the godless – News – Culture and Art – books, theater, art – high and mass culture –

In general, I do not like theater – I say it honestly and fully aware that this is a rather idiotic confession. In the theater, I get bored the louder they shout actors on stage, the more sleepy I get. It’s a primal feeling, stronger than any conscious decision, and has cost me a couple … Read more

Ilona Łepkowska does not leave Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan a dry thread! What a criticism

Ilona Łepkowska (66) is one of the people who do not understand the phenomenon of Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan (no age). The film script writer has repeatedly openly criticized the TVN star. Now Łepkowska again did not spare her words of criticism towards Rozenek. Picture Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan and Ilona Łepkowska /MWMedia /MWMedia Ilona Łepkowska became famous thanks … Read more

Show: Małgorzata Socha has a coronavirus. How is the actress doing?

Małgorzata Socha has a coronavirus – reports the “Show” magazine. The star of the series “Przyjaciółki” suffers from COVID-19. How is Małgorzata Socha? Show: Małgorzata Socha has a coronavirus. How is the star of “Friends”? Małgorzata Socha has coronavirus. The information that the actress fell ill with COVID-19 was confirmed by the “Show” magazine. As … Read more

Dorota Wróblewska responds to the criticism of Małgorzata Trzaskowska’s appearance: “MODNISI does not play the role of appealing to the world”

Although the long-awaited presidential election is behind us, the emotions surrounding the clash Rafał Trzaskowski with Andrzej Duda still not falling down. As was assumed from the very beginning, the current head of state proved to be the winner in the race for the president’s seat, however the difference in votes between candidates was minimal. … Read more