Assimi Goita steps forward as Mali’s new strongman, Security Council puts pressure on Malian coup plotters

Unlike a large part of the Malian population, the coup d’état abroad is not met with applause. In response, the African Union suspended Mali’s membership, which “has been restored to constitutional order”. She calls on the coup plotters to release the president and the other politicians. Tonight, the UN Security Council condemned the coup and … Read more

Malian rebels arrest president and prime minister

Come on no Mali rebel leaders on Tuesday announced that President Brahim Bubakar Kate and Prime Minister Bubu Sise have been arrested. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “We can tell you that the president and prime minister are under our control,” a rebel leader told AFP who wanted to remain anonymous. He added … Read more

Kaolack: Collision between a Malian truck and a bus kills 2 and injures 5

Ngath Naoudé commune was the scene of a terrible accident. Indeed, around 5 am this Saturday, a Malian truck transporting cattle collided with a bus leaving for Ziguinchor near the commune of Ngath Naoudé. The toll is heavy: 2 people lost their lives and 5 injured were recorded. They were taken by firefighters to El … Read more