China calls for end to ‘malicious hypotheses’ about tennis star Shuai Bing

The Chinese government has demanded an end to speculation about tennis star Shuai Ping, who has brought sexual assault charges against a former deputy prime minister, after which she did not appear in public for two weeks. Ping had a video chat with International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach on Sunday and said she was … Read more

Changzhou investigates and prosecutes malicious registration of “Quanhongchan” and “Xingge” trademarks_ 东方

News from this newspaper (Xinshi Supervisor Zhuang Yi) The reporter learned yesterday that the New North District Market Supervision Bureau recently investigated and dealt with enterprises and trademark agencies that illegally registered the trademarks “Quanhongchan” and “Xingge”. This was the first case of malicious intent in Changzhou. Application for trademark registration of “Quanhongchan” and “Xingge”. … Read more

Maricarmen Marín and her hint to Magaly Medina after calling her ridiculous for her ‘Babytón’: “Malicious people come out to lie” | Farándula | SHOWS

HE SPOKE LOUD. Maricarmen Marín finally broke her silence after Criticism he received from Magaly Medina, after announcing that she would donate her baby shower gifts to shelters for mothers in need. And it is that the ‘Urraca’ called her huachafa for giving presents for her little Micaela and recommended her to ‘buy with her … Read more

Firefox for Android vulnerable to malicious QR code attack

Mozilla warns users of Firefox for Android of a vulnerability that allows attacks with malicious QR codes. However, a security update is available. The vulnerability occurs when processing a URL from a scanned QR code. This makes universal cross-site scripting possible. Unlike normal cross-site scripting, which exploits vulnerable web applications, universal cross-site scripting exploits vulnerabilities … Read more

‘Second pregnancy’ Lee Ji-hye, many malicious comments after vaccination… “I have no political color” regret [엑’s 이슈]

(Export News Reporter Ha Ji-won) Pregnant Lee Ji-hye shared her thoughts on malicious comments after the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. On the 28th, on the YouTube channel run by Lee Ji-hye, ‘I don’t hate Kwanjong Unnie’, ‘Can mothers get the vaccine? A video titled ‘The Vaccination Review of Kwanjong Unnie, which was decided … Read more

Lee Jae-eun suffers from malicious comments after ‘Yellow Hair’… Confessing even trying to make an extreme choice after marriage [종합]

[마이데일리 = 정지현 기자] Actor Lee Jae-eun confessed his eventful life history. On the 27th, on the YouTube channel Grasshopper Entertainment, ‘Movie (yellow hair) Jae-eun Lee vs. Debt to extreme exposure! A video titled ‘I want to be a mother now’ was posted. In the released video, Jae-eun Lee said, “Sometimes I am appearing in … Read more

Lee Seung-gi’s side “I will not be swayed by malicious commenters” Suggests strong legal action[전문]

Lee Seung Gi. Photo|Hook Entertainment Actor Lee Seung-gi’s side repeatedly declared a strong stance against fake news and malicious comments. On the 21st, Lee Seung-gi’s agency, Hook Entertainment (hereafter, Hook) announced on the 21st Lee Seung-gi official website, ‘[악플러] Notice of changes in legal response and legal representatives’ was posted. Hook said, “Fake news and … Read more

Twitch confirms that a ‘malicious third party’ was behind the hack

photo: Tic Twitch just posted an upcoming update Yesterday’s big attack on service, which led to the theft and then the public publication of, among other things, the source code of the platform. According to their ongoing investigation, a “malicious third party” is responsible. The data, which officials described as the “first part” of the … Read more

Representatives of a zodiac sign refrain from malicious comments today

© Daily horoscope for 01.10.2021 prepared by Svetlana Tilkova-Alena ARIES Meetings with your business partners are useful, and this day makes you happy with excellent results and agreements reached, despite the retrograde motion of Mercury. You do great in the workplace. Everyone is ready to help you, but it is better to complete your duties … Read more