Luisito Comunica – Apple’s BIG FAILURE and its malicious plan with iPhone 😡📱

Friends, what’s up? Luisito Tecnología, once again with you. Now, not really for a daily life, but to expose something that is not, is not right, and Apple, I have a good sense of what you are doing. You see, I’ve been an iPhone user for a long time. Suddenly, I have been interleaving using … Read more

Piñera denounces a “systematic and malicious campaign” of fake news

He President Sebastián Piñera reported this Friday the existence of a “fake news campaign” in the midst of the health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In an act in which received 218 new mechanical fans, the president assured that “this pandemic requires us to combat fake news, which many times are due to systematic … Read more

BancoEstado reports problems on its platforms due to “malicious software”

State Bank warned that the operation of its platforms may present interruptions because they work in a “malicious software“detected in their operating systems. “As soon as this issue was discovered, our operations and cybersecurity teams were deployed to locate, contain and request this situation“, says the statement from the banking institution. Despite this, they reported … Read more

1,400 bitcoins are stolen by malicious update of the Electrum wallet

What Happened to Early Bitcoin Investors? The Winklevoss, famous billionaires in bitcoin (BTC), could be considered the best of times, but from time to time the other side of the coin is seen: people who lose fortunes in unlikely situations. Such is the case of an early user who had since 2017 without entering his … Read more

urgently uninstall these 29 malicious applications!

Cyber ​​security researchers have just detected 29 malicious apps on the Play Store. These have accumulated nearly 3.2 million downloads, and most of them are invisible on the smartphone on which they are installed to flood you with advertisements. Credit: Pathum Danthanarayana via Unsplash Regularly, applications lying around on the Play Store are pinned for … Read more

Nantes: the malicious track returns, volunteer arrested again – Europe

– The volunteer who was arrested the day after the fire of 18 July at the cathedral of Nantes, and then freed for lack of clues, was arrested again today and then appeared in the prosecutor’s office, after the first results of the expert reports of laboratory have revived the hypothesis of arson, of the … Read more