[POPULER GLOBAL] Hostage by Rebel Soldiers, Mali’s President Resigns

KOMPAS.com – The most popular news from global channels from Wednesday (19/8/2020) to Thursday (20/8/2020) is occupied by the resignation of the President of Mali, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita after he was held hostage by rebels in his country. Meanwhile, Joe Biden was finally decided as the ‘champion’ of the Democratic Party to face Trump in … Read more

Assimi Goita steps forward as Mali’s new strongman, Security Council puts pressure on Malian coup plotters

Unlike a large part of the Malian population, the coup d’├ętat abroad is not met with applause. In response, the African Union suspended Mali’s membership, which “has been restored to constitutional order”. She calls on the coup plotters to release the president and the other politicians. Tonight, the UN Security Council condemned the coup and … Read more

Hostage by Rebel Soldiers, Mali’s President Resigns: Do I Have a Choice? All pages

BAMAKO, KOMPAS.com – President Mali, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita |, resigned after being held hostage by the group rebel from elements of the army on Tuesday (18/8/2020). In a speech broadcast on state television, Keita said he had also dissolved the government and parliament. “I wish there was no bloodshed to keep me in power,” Keita … Read more