SIAN, Malmö | Not good enough reason to accept ghetto culture among Muslims

Violence over the burning of the Koran and negative statements about Muhammad are not good enough reasons to understand and accept ghetto culture among Muslims. Fires in Malmö after a Koran burning, violence in Bergen after someone called Muhammad a false prophet and attacked the police in Trondheim because they were to safeguard SIAN’s basic … Read more

Riots in Swedish city of Malmö in counter-protest after anti-Islam actions | NOW

Riots broke out in the Swedish city of Malmö on Friday evening, local police reported. Protesters protested several actions targeting Islam in the center of the city on Friday afternoon, including the burning of a Quran. According to a spokesman, protesters threw stones and other objects at police officers and set fire to car tires. … Read more

Sweden: riots in Malmö following the burning of the Koran

Around 300 people blocked the main street leading to the Rosengard district using fireworks, smoke candles and burning tires. Bottles thrown towards the police were also in motion. Earlier this afternoon, in Malmö, the Koran was provocatively burned by members and followers of Stram Kurs. The police detained the three most aggressive people. The Swedish … Read more