Microsoft Teams users are targeted in the ‘FakeUpdates’ malware campaign

Microsoft is warning its customers about so-called “FakeUpdates” campaigns in a non-public security advisory, according to a report in Bleeping Computer. The campaign is targeting various types of businesses, with recent targets in the K-12 education sector, where organizations are currently relying on the use of apps like Teams for video conferencing due to COVID-19 … Read more

This malware disguises itself as a Microsoft Word update to infect your PC | Technology

Be careful and watch the attachments you receive by email: a new campaign has been detected that distributes the Emotet malware disguised as a Microsoft Word update. If you keep up-to-date on current issues related to computer security, Emotet malware is sure to be familiar to you. Is about a dangerous trojan which, to this … Read more

Microsoft kills malware that infected more than a million computers

Related news Cybersecurity today has a much higher priority role on the table after the COVID-19 put many countries at risk, including Spain. Microsoft and other companies directly involved in the fight against malware they have acted against a very dangerous one: TrickBot. As reported ZDNet, Microsoft has joined in a coalition of technology companies … Read more

Microsoft Helps Remove Dangerous Russian Malware Ahead of US Elections | Ransomware

He ransomware is a latent for the next american elections, several experts warn that this powerful virus can infect a system used to maintain voter list or inform about results on election night, all in order to sow chaos and mistrust. Microsoft took legal steps to dismantle one of the largest botnets in the world, … Read more

Technology: WhatsApp | Look at the message you should never reply to | Answer | Conver

WhatsApp It has become one of the most favorite applications to chat instantly with anyone in the world, there are several dangers that can put your conversations, photos, videos, and all the multimedia files that you have on your cell phone at risk. It turns out that in recent days several users are reporting that … Read more

Refuse a million dollars in exchange for hacking Tesla

Un Tesla employee has rejected a bribe of a million dollars in exchange for introduce malware into the computer networks of the Gigafactory that the company has in Nevada. The incident is part of an investigation that the FBI has made public and is worthy of a spy movie. According to him report accompanying the … Read more

macOS: Apple’s lawyer validated malware by mistake

Apple accidentally allowed malware to run on macOS, such as explain it security specialist Patrick Wardle. A mistake quickly corrected but just as quickly bypassed by the authors of this malware. From macOS Mojave, application developers must obtain a certificate from Apple, through Xcode, that their software has been inspected and that it is free … Read more

Chinese giant has sold thousands of smartphones with malware

In Kenya, the Tecno W2 smartphone is the most affordable phone launched by Tecno in 2016. The Tecno W2 has a 4.5 inch screen with a 2 MP rear camera. Software that consumes mobile data and registers people for unwanted subscriptions has been found preinstalled on thousands of Chinese smartphones sold in Africa more than … Read more

Android Users, Immediately Delete These 19 Evil Applications

Here is a list of the evil applications: 1. Auto Picture Cut: downloaded 100 thousand times 2. Color Call Flash: downloaded 50 thousand times 3. Square Photo Blur: downloaded 500 thousand times 4. Square Blur Photo: downloaded 500 thousand times 5. Magic Call Flash: downloaded 50 thousand times 6. Easy Blur: downloaded 100 thousand times … Read more

Tire manufacturer Apollo Vredestein lies flat due to malware attack – Computer – News

The Dutch branch of tire manufacturer Apollo Vredestein has been hit by a cyber attack. As a result, the location has been virtually shut down since Saturday. It is not known what type of attack it is, but at least it is not ransomware. The affected Dutch location is that of Apollo Vredestein in Enschede. … Read more