Why the deportation of Salvatore Mancuso could take long – US and Canada – International

Much has been said about the decision “politics” who took the administration of Donald Trump to stop the deportation of Salvatore Mancuso to Italy and order his shipment to Colombia, claiming damage to the United States if he was sent to the Old Continent. And although the move, in practice did contain an imminent crisis, … Read more

Salvatore Mancuso could be deported to Colombia

Jaime Paeres, lawyer for former paramilitary chief Salvatore Mancuso, confirmed to EL HERALDO that his client could be deported to Colombia, as informed by the United States Immigration authorities. “We have already been notified, there is talk of deportation. Now we are going to analyze what we can do. The best option will be the … Read more

Salvatore Mancuso: US decides to deport him to Colombia – Investigative Unit

Diplomatic sources in the United States confirmed to EL TIEMPO, in the early hours of this Sunday, that the former paramilitary chief Salvatore Mancuso will be deported to Colombia. As they explained, deportation to Italy is detrimental to the interests of the Trump government. Therefore, attending a request from Colombia, prepare their shipment to the … Read more

The Foreign Ministry is rectified: it says that it did request Mancuso’s extradition – Government – Politics

Due to the controversies raised by the extradition process of the former paramilitary chief Salvatore Mancuso to Colombia, the Foreign Ministry clarified last night that it has been carrying out the corresponding procedures for it to be sent to our country. What’s more, he revealed that there are already three extradition requests. This, after a … Read more

Salvatore Mancuso: US announces deportation on September 4 – Investigative Unit

The defense of former paramilitary chief Salvatore Mancuso recently an email from officials of the Immigration and Customs Office (ICE), in which it is indicated that he would be expelled from the United States no later than next September 4 (See the mail below). This was established by EL TIEMPO, after having exclusive access to … Read more

Salvatore Mancuso: this is how his deportation to Italy and his extradition to Colombia go – Investigative Unit

In a small and hot city, in Georgia (United States), called Valdosta –with marked African-American influence and 28 degrees of temperature–, the fate of the former paramilitary chief Salvatore Mancuso, accused in Colombia of sowing terror for decades and ordering 139 massacres that took the lives of more than 800 people. There was the first … Read more

Salvatore Mancuso: in Italy they talk about his ties with the mafia – Investigative Unit

At times when the lawyers of the former paramilitary chief Salvatore Mancuso They try to get him deported to Italy in that country they assure that there would also have pending investigations for drug trafficking.Indeed, as EL TIEMPO revealed at the time, an investigation by the Rome Police revealed his links with the businessman Giorgio … Read more

Mancuso asks US court to order deportation to Italy

“He and his family are terrified of a possible return to Colombia,” says immigration lawyer Héctor Mora. By: AP 10:36 PM / 18/08/2020 The lawyer for a former Colombian paramilitary leader asked a US federal court to force Justice Secretary William Barr to deport him immediately to Italy after he served a lengthy sentence related … Read more

They denounce serious errors in Mancuso’s extradition requests – US and Canada – International

The Colombian Government has committed serious and inexcusable errors in the extradition requests it has made to United States to achieve the return to the country of the former paramilitary chief Salvatore Mancuso. Errors, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW), They have him one step away from being sent to Italy and not to Colombia, … Read more