“I am getting disoriented”: Recognized figure of Canal Trece and the most difficult moment of his life

The compulsory social quarantine has been in our country for a month, and the physical and psychological repercussions of isolation are manifested in different ways in each personality. In a very deep interview, Julio Chávez, confessed how he lives this particular moment. “We abide by a way of life in which it is said that … Read more

It got out of control! Cinthia Fernández worries her followers doing this in quarantine …

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He revealed it! Wanda Nara and her son’s best kept secret. What will Maxi say?

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“Valuing Every Second”: The drama of Jesica Cirio and her daughter affected by the coronavirus. Strength!

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He can’t take it anymore! Agustina Kämpfer recounted what she suffers during the quarantine: “It hurts me a lot”

Social isolation confronts us with various challenges, depending on the particular situation of each one. In the case ofAgustina Kämpferwhat worries her most is her son, and that affects him a lot. In the middle of a talk with the psychologist Pilar Sordo in “Nosotros a la Mañana”,the panelistHe told how much this situation suffers … Read more

WOW! Alfredo Casero’s daughter drove everyone crazy doing this … Won’t it be much?

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“The quarantine was accompanied”: Susana Gimnez introduced her new love. Who is it

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Five tricks to make the most of WhatsApp

With more than 2,000 million users,WhatsAppis the internet messaging and video calling applicationmost popular in the world, and its use50% intensified in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, which forces many to stay at home without any physical contact with others, so this platform became a channel of communicationindispensable. Although everyone knows its main uses, … Read more