Carlitos Balá, Facundo Manes and Sandra Mihanovich, among other celebrities, joined the First Croatian Digital Census in Argentina

The “First Digital Census of Croats and their descendants in the Argentine Republic”It already has a first partial report and recognized figures from various areas of our country joined the project. Independent and autonomous, it is aimed at all those who have a Croatian ancestor, whether or not they participate in activities of their own … Read more

Facundo Manes: “We cannot have an eternal quarantine” – Health and Wellbeing

The Argentine neuroscientist warned about the prolongation of isolation. “If we have a ‘burned out’ people, an exhausted society, no matter how much we fix the debt or bring in investments, we have a humanitarian, social and economic problem.”The Argentine neuroscientist Facundo Manes considered today that the most negative balance that the coronavirus is leaving … Read more