He stomped on her head again and again. The attacker attacked a 65-year-old woman, apparently because of her origin

After a series of kicks and fist wounds, the 65-year-old woman ended up in the hospital with swelling on her face and a leg injury. The drastic attack on the center of New York is the fault of a man who, according to investigators, made “anti-Asian statements” in the act. This is another in a … Read more

La Sirena, Mexican handicraft shop against the wall

It was almost a year since Dina was forced to close her store due to government restrictions and she hopes today that she will never have to go through that time again. “Well, when I closed I cried, when I closed on March 21 I cried. It is the first time I closed in 22 … Read more

Loses billions. How Trump is getting poorer

After his presidency, Trump should think about his business The bulk of Trump’s financial fortune is tied to half a dozen buildings in Manhattan – and New York City is particularly hit by the coronavirus crisis. Donald Trump got rid of criminal charges for instigating the rebellion, but his problems did not end there. The … Read more

Bad Gastein: New high-rise for the Manhattan of the Alps

Architect Erich Bernard compares Bad Gastein to a New York district. His plans for the hotels on Straubingerplatz cause jubilation, but also criticism. Everything becomes new, the old remains. This is how the presentation of the new hotels on Straubingerplatz could be summed up. The Munich-based Hirmer Group is investing a rumored 50 to 60 … Read more

New York prosecutors expand Trump probe to Manhattan buildings

New York prosecutors are investigating financial transactions related to some of former US President Donald Trump’s distinctive Manhattan buildings, further expanding inquiries into the former president and his company. According to Wall Street Journal sources, who requested anonymity, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is examining loans that Trump requested for his “flagship,” the Trump Tower … Read more

NY will allow sports and entertainment stadiums to reopen

New York’s large stadiums and sports arenas may soon reopen their doors at 10% of normal capacity, according to a plan announced Wednesday by Governor Andrew Cuomo, despite public health experts’ concern about the still-high rates. of COVID-19 infection and the threat of more contagion variants. Cuomo said that major stadiums and arenas with a … Read more

The Manhattan Prosecutor’s Office Expands Its Investigations Of The Trump Organization | What’s up people

New York, Jan 15 (EFE) .- The Manhattan Prosecutor’s Office has expanded its investigations into the Trump Organization and its financial activities to include a family property in Westchester County, New York state, local media reported this Friday. According to the CNBC channel, specialized in economic news, a lawyer from Bedford, a town that belongs … Read more

how William Higinbotham, a physicist on the Manhattan Project, created the first game ever

The paternity of first video game history is not entirely clear. Canadian engineer Josef Kates created in 1950 ‘Bertie the Brain’, a gigantic computer that used vacuum valves and was capable of playing the popular game of tic-tac-toe. Kates designed and manufactured this computer with the intention of introducing during the Canadian National Show that year the thermionic valves he had designed, which were significantly more compact than conventional vacuum valves.

Kates was probably inspired during the development of his invention by the amusement device on a cathode ray tube invented three years earlier by the American physicists Thomas T. Goldsmith and Estle Ray Mann. That amazing machine mimicked a radar screen like those used during World War II and I used an oscilloscope connected to a cathode ray tube to propose to the player to destroy various targets using projectiles. This game had no name, its interactivity was minimal and its graphics were extremely simple, but its purpose was undeniably playful.

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Heavy rains and strong winds for Christmas Eve

Take advantage if you have to do some errand, purchase or last minute errand before Christmas. Today Wednesday there will be a mixture of sun and clouds and temperatures in the low 40s. High pressure keeps our weather calm for now, but things will change quickly tomorrow Thursday Christmas Eve. The probability of precipitation (rain) … Read more

Assemblyman asks that undocumented immigrants receive Covid vaccine

A New York state legislator wants to make sure that undocumented immigrants have access to the covid-19 vaccine like any citizen of the country, and for this she has presented a bill to require the state to bear the cost of immunization. Democratic Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal has expressed concern that plans have been made known … Read more