Manon Marsault responsible for the elimination of Carla Moreau in LMvsMonde5? She speaks

Carla Moreau eliminated from the Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5, Manon Marsault would have something to do with it! And faced with this rumor, Tiago’s mom has decided to speak on social networks. On Snapchat, she explains that she is not part of the adventure this year. Being 7 months pregnant, she … Read more

Carla Moreau, Manon Marsault and Jessica Thivenin pregnant for the buzz and followers ? Magali Berdah pushes a huge rant

If Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj are already considering having a second baby after the wedding which they have come to reveal the place of the ceremony, people are asking whether all these pregnancies in the middle of the reality tv would not be related to their desire to inflate their number of followers ! … Read more

Maeva Ghennam at war with Les Marseillais? She pushes a huge rant

A few days ago, Maeva Ghennam revealed that she suffered from people who could be hypocritical around her, and she had made the decision to sort out the people who could be her friends. The emblematic candidate of W9 had thus revealed that some people around him even used his social networks to like or … Read more

Julien Tanti confides in Les Marseillais, Manon Marsault and the game of problems, he makes many revelations

While Manon Marsault makes revelations about her pregnancy and appears depressed, Julien Tanti of Marseillais in the Caribbean reveals his adventures on W9 and his new family life! In this live made with Magali Berdah on Instagram that the writing of melty reveals to you below, the candidate begins by admitting that he and Manon … Read more

The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5: Manon Marsault absent from the casting, we know more

Jazz, Manon Marsault and Maeva Ghennam of the Marseillais in the Caribbean were again accused of scam on a product placement, and they were lynched right here! While the cast of Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5, which should soon be filming for W9 is at the heart of all the rumors, internet … Read more

Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti soon parents of a little girl, they officially reveal her first name

Pregnant, Manon Marsault gives news of her daughter and Julien Tanti reveals an ultrasound! And a few days ago, Tiago gave a big clue to the name of his little sister … By calling her “Ina”, we thought that the little girl would be called “Nina”! For Manon Marsault and Julien Tanti, it is time … Read more

Manon Marsault (The Marseillais in the Caribbean) lynched by Internet users, she made a huge development

After having had a rant on his Sephora order which was taking too long to arrive because of the Coronavirus, Manon Marsault of the Marseillais in the Caribbean who unveiled a new ultrasound of his daughter was lynched by Internet users who criticized his sense of priorities and found his reaction unjustified on social networks… … Read more

Manon Marsault (LMAC) mother of a little girl, she gives her news and reveals a new ultrasound

Manon Marsault pregnant with a daughter, Julien Tanti reacts to the name which was swung by Tiago. And unfortunately because of the barrier gestures to respect in order to fight against the Coronavirus, Julien Tanti could not be present on the ultrasound of the 4th month. Manon Marsault therefore went alone to her doctor to … Read more

The Marseillais: Julien Tanti and Maeva Ghennam ready to fight, Rawell and Carla Moreau clash … All these times when the game of problems has gone too far

Monday evening in Les Marseillais aux Cara├»bes, Julien Tanti will launch his game of problems and the candidates will be in a panic! It has been several years since Julien Tanti invented this game and since then it has been an emblematic moment of each Marseille season. The problem is that with the game of … Read more

After Manon Marsault, it’s Tiffany’s turn to post a child photo to respond to user reviews

Accused of having touched up her face too much, Manon Marsault posted a photo of her teenager and she hit the bull’s eye! And against all odds, Tiffany is also suspected of having rebuilt her mouth. For some Internet users, the luscious lips of the pretty blonde are not natural. Tiffany therefore decided to respond … Read more