Billy Syahputra Reveals Amanda Manopo Crying for Love

JAKARTA, – The host Billy Syahputra give a secret to Melaney Ricardo. The secret is when Amanda Manopo crying because he loved Billy Syahputra. “Here on your YouTube channel, it’s my first time, do you believe it or not, I video suddenly he cries, ‘why are you crying?’ ‘I know … (dear), that’s how … Read more

Cibiran Nikita Mirzani Responded to Amanda Manopo, Billy Syahputra’s Lover Called No Level

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Cibiran from controversial artists Nikita Mirzani finally responded to the soap opera Amanda Manopo. Yes, Amanda Manopo initially commented on her lover’s feud Billy Syahputra with Nikita Mirzani. Amanda Manopo even claimed not to know about the feud of her lover. So, therefore, he did not want to interfere more in the affairs … Read more

Amanda Manopo and 7 Women Who Have Been Close to Billy Syahputra

Billy Syahputra was once again in the spotlight because of the news of his closeness to Amanda Manopo. The late Olga Syahputra’s sister appeared to upload an intimate portrait with the actress on Instagram. During this time, many women have come to Billy Syahputra’s heart. However, no one has succeeded in harboring his heart. Starting … Read more