Why ‘The Curse of Bly Manor’ does not reach the level of ‘The Curse of Hill House’ despite being an excellent sequel

The curse of Hill House’ (The Haunting of Hill House, 2018) It is a masterpiece of terror that does not understand formats. A miniseries of 10 episodes, with beginning, end and knot that can be seen, excuse me for the cliché, like a great ten-hour movie. But, whatever it sounds like, that’s what made her succeed at the time and rise above other series of Netflix. Now, ‘The curse of Bly Manor‘arrives to the platform with the difficult task of taking your witness.

The approach, in principle, is very similar to that of the previous season, with a great literary work of supernatural haunted house horror brought to a more modern timeline, sharing some actors and thematic nuclei but independently and with a specific tone that helps it to differentiate itself as another autonomous work, this time with 9 episodes and with a more active will when adapting ‘Another twist‘and other ghost stories of the author Henry James.

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“Prayer cannot be a measure of punishment.” Former Mediņš subordinate explains that spirituality and love have disappeared in the manor – Society and politics – News

Before graduating from Daugavpils University in Brukna, Agris was an actor at the Daugavpils Theater, even nominated for the Gamers’ Night Award as the young actor of the year. But then problems with alcohol began and he came to Brukna. He has visited and lived and in recent years also worked at the founder of … Read more

Several cases have been initiated in connection with violations during construction works in Brukna manor – Architecture – House

She explained that the Brukna manor house had historically been put into operation until it became privately owned and managed by the Blessing of the Mountain Community. “Over the years, the association has carried out several renovation and reconstruction works in the manor house. The Brukna manor complex has several buildings that are architectural monuments … Read more

Association “Kalna Svētību Kopiena” announces when it will comment on the violations found in Brukna manor

Edvards Pavlovskis, Bishop of the Jelgava Diocese, will participate in the press conference; Andrejs Mediņš, head of the association “Mountain Blessing Community”; Ilona Blūma, director of Bārbele Boys’ Primary School. Bishop Edward Pavlovsky will present the Church’s position on the work of the Community of the Blessings of Mount Brookna and news of events in … Read more

“See you in Tukums” concerts, balloon festival in Kandava and Slokenbeka manor festival! / Supplemented with cinema time /

See you in Tukums this week! Friday, August 14 evening at 19.00 in Tukums Evangelical Lutheran Church TT vertical frame solo concert will provide virtuoso guitarist Marcis Auzins. Seats are limited. Tickets can be purchased at “Biļešu paradīze” box offices and www.bilesuparadize.lv/lv/event/82657. Address: Tukuma ev. Lutheran Church, Brīvības Square 1, Tukums. More information www.facebook.com/TiekamiesTukuma/ TT … Read more