Manuela Gómez spoke of the eye disease that affects her: “I only see 20%”

Photo: Instagram Manuela Gomez, former ‘Protagonist of our TV’ and recognized influencer, found herself again facing a health problem. This time, different from his drug problem, The also businesswoman had to go to an emergency health center due to a problem that she presented in her vision. According to what was stated by la paisa … Read more

After Gleisi, Manuela d’Ávila appears as dead in the SUS register

Candidate for mayor of Porto Alegre in 2020, Manuela d’Ávila (PCdoB) announced today that she has discovered that she appears dead in her registration with the SUS (Unified Health System). Recently, the same happened with federal deputy Gleisi Hoffmann (PT-PR), national president of the PT — and both learned of the problem when they were … Read more

Buró Fair: Manuela González met ‘unfortunate events’ – People – Culture

The Bureau Fair 2021, which is currently taking place at the Modern Gymnasium, is on everyone’s lips. And not precisely because of the unfolding of the event, which ends on July 18, but because of the controversy surrounding a piece of pizza. After the complaint of the young Pablo Matiz, who said he had worked … Read more

Manuela Gómez woman did not return advertising money

The program “I know everything” spoke with Linda Fernández, the woman who reported that Manuela Gómez has not returned the money for an advertisement. Linda commented that she contacted Manuela to make a posting on her networks and consigned the money to her: “After 8 days she wrote to me that she could not advertise … Read more

Manuela Gómez tearfully announced that she left Medellín in the middle of a pandemic

Through videos, the former protagonist of the novel -Manuela Gómez-, told her followers that she left Medellín and that at the moment, she has no plans to return. And it is that in the video, Manuela tells that: “In Medellín, unfortunately there was nothing left that interested me, that’s why I left town, I went … Read more