Pulsar 2020 Fair will be online with concerts from Mapocho Station

The Pulsar Fair It is one of the must-sees of November, the great meeting on Chilean music organized by the SCD. Every year, at Estación Mapocho, thousands of people who display windows and buy records, books and merchandising, join in talks and panels and, especially, enjoy the concerts that are held there. Photo: Pulsar Fair … Read more

About 500 people demonstrate in Plaza Dignidad – Fortín Mapocho

9 October 2020 17:35 A week after a police officer pushed a minor from the Pío Nono bridge to the Mapocho river, according to the prosecution, some 500 protesters took over the central roundabout, “ground zero” of the social outbreak, shouting slogans against President Sebastián Piñera. The demonstration takes place in a peaceful manner, with … Read more

Piñera reiterates support for Carabineros and sends support to the family of a young man who fell into the Mapocho River – Nacional

The day of this Tuesday, President Sebastián Piñera regretted the events that occurred on the Pío Nono bridge last Friday, sending his support to the 16-year-old who suffered fractures after falling to the bed of the Mapocho river and the family of the worker who died in Collipulli, as well as reiterating the support that … Read more

Kast questions a young man injured in the Mapocho river and supports the action of the Carabineros

The leader of the Republican Party Jose Antonio Kast He referred through a series of tweets to the case of the young man who fell to the bed of the Mapocho River and for which the police officer is accused Sebastian Zamora Soto 22 years old who this Sunday was in preventive prison after being … Read more

Maipú Human Rights Group on young man pushed to Mapocho: “It shows the police abuse and that the violations of human rights have been systematic”

Through an official statement, the Maipú human rights group condemned the acts against the 16-year-old who was pushed by a policeman to the bed of the Mapocho river on Friday, October 2. “This is a fact that demonstrates the police abuse and that the human rights violations have been systematic, counting the action of the … Read more

Chilean Commission for Human Rights files a complaint against President Piñera for an adolescent thrown into Mapocho «Diario y Radio U Chile

In addition, the complaint points to the Minister of the Interior Víctor Pérez, and against the general director of the Carabineros, Mario Rozas. Sunday 4 October 2020 13:32 hrs. The Chilean Human Rights Commission filed a complaint against President Sebastián Piñera, the Minister of the Interior, Víctor Pérez, and the general director of the Carabineros, … Read more