Native Peoples art classroom

REGISTRATION FOR FREE GUIDED VISITS: This email address is being protected against spam bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Permanent display of the collection that Professor Gastón Soublette donated to UC in October 2015. It consists of more than 300 pieces, mostly ceramic, but also lithic, textiles, wood and silverware from cultures of … Read more

“We hope that the Government avoids generating a social outbreak of the Mapuche People” «Diario y Radio U Chile

He denounced the complicity of the government of President Sebastian Piñera with the national strike of truckers. Saturday 29 August 2020 13:36 hrs. In a statement, Aucán Huilcamán, Werkén and in charge of International Relations, denounced the complicity of the government of President Sebastian Piñera with the national strike of truckers. “The complicity of the … Read more

Supreme Court rejects NHRI appeal for amparo after unauthorized Mapuche march

This week, the Supreme Court released the resolution that confirms a ruling handed down by the Temuco Court of Appeals, which rejects an appeal filed by the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH) in La Araucanía, within the framework of an unauthorized Mapuche march registered on August 4 in Temuco. The appeal presented by the … Read more

Chile: A Mapuche medicinal tree in the fight against covid-19 | Society

Chilean laboratory where the substance is made from quillay.Desert King Chile Beautiful and evergreen, up to 15 meters high and with a trunk that can exceed a meter in diameter, the quillay is an endemic tree of Chile that the Mapuche people Widely used since ancient times as a cleanser and medicine, to cure respiratory, … Read more

Government invokes State Security Law by letter from Mapuche communities addressed to President Piñera

The Government invoked the State Security Law by a letter sent by Mapuche communities to the president Sebastian Piñera in which warn that they will start a shot of land in the Region of La Araucanía. The action would be part of a “process of restitution of ancestral lands, adjacent to our communities ”, since … Read more

UN calls for dialogue in Mapuche conflict and investigation of violence and racism

Santiago de Chile, Aug 4 (EFE) .- The regional office for South America of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights made this Tuesday a call for dialogue in the Mapuche conflict and to investigate the acts of violence that occurred since last week and acts of racism against the indigenous people of southern Chile. … Read more

Chile resumes the campaign to reform the Constitution amid Mapuche attacks, a truckers’ strike and the shadow of Bachelet

One of the demands of the huge concentrations of protests that shook Chile at the end of last year was the adoption of a new Constitution to replace the one imposed by the dictatorship of General Pinochet.The dilemma is “Approve” or “rejection”. A kind of “chicken” or “pasta” of a flight of 14 million Chileans … Read more

Inhabitants of Curacautín face Mapuche community members who took over the municipality

This Saturday night they registered violent clashes between inhabitants of Curacautín and the Mapuche community members who took the municipality of the city. Also read: RN Directive valued new deal with the government: “For us this is one house, this is our coalition” The community members have been occupying the place since last Monday as … Read more